Bitcoin SV DevCon 2020: What to expect from the inaugural event

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We’re now a matter of hours away from the inaugural Bitcoin SV DevCon 2020 event, with developers from around the world gearing up to take part in the flagship event.

Kicking off on July 18, the event comes against a backdrop of global opportunity for Bitcoin SV (BSV), with beneficial structural changes to the global economy already underway. Presenting the solution to digital payments in an increasingly cashless world, with the technology to build new, sophisticated applications across a range of sectors, there’s never been a better time to learn more about developing for BSV.

The hype is already building for the free two-day event, which will be held online as a virtual event in its inaugural year. Hosted by Bitcoin Association and nChain in partnership with WeAreDevelopers, the event sets out to engage and inform a new cohort of BSV developers of the benefits and practical considerations of building for BSV.

The event draws on presentations from some of the most notable names in BSV, kicking off with Brendan Lee, Training and Development Manager at Bitcoin Association. nChain’s Owen Vaughn and Jad Wahab follow on, looking at the underlying architecture of BSV, as well as the economic incentives structures built into the BSV ecosystem.

In an interview with CoinGeek, Lee described his session as “an overview of the function of nodes on the network and how Bitcoin’s game changing incentive system uses pure economics to drive the leaderless formation of the world’s most robust financial network.”

Day 1 culminates with presentations from Steve Shadders on Bitcoin Script and development opportunities, before handing over to Dr. Craig S. Wright to round off the day.

Day 2 takes a more practical turn, looking at practical ways BSV can be implemented within new apps and technologies. Tokenized CEO James Belding, Money Button CEO Ryan X. Charles, and Codugh CEO Shashank Singhal round off the event with a panel discussion.

Check out the full agenda for the event today, and make sure you register for the first ever Bitcoin SV DevCon 2020—a don’t-miss-it event in the Bitcoin calendar.

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