Bitcoin SV DevCon 2020 only a week away—here’s why you should join

With the inaugural Bitcoin SV DevCon 2020 event a matter of days away, anticipation is building for what looks set to be one of the most important events in the Bitcoin SV calendar.

Bringing together speakers from across the industry, the free event on July 18 and 19—co-hosted by Bitcoin Association and nChain, and powered by WeAreDevelopers—aims to raise awareness about building applications on the Bitcoin SV blockchain, while shedding light on some of the technological developments coming down the track.

The two-day event offers back-to-back panel sessions hosted by some of the most respected names in Bitcoin.

On Day One, the virtual event kicks off from 4:20 p.m. CEST with Brendan Lee, Training & Development Manager at Bitcoin Association, discussing economic incentives and the Bitcoin network, both in theory and in practice.

Leading on from the first session, Jad Wahab from nChain explores economic incentives, covering the fees and charges raised across the network. The session will also look at Merchant API, and the role this plays in scaling the Bitcoin network.

Director of Research at nChain, Owen Vaughn, leads session three, exploring nodes and the Bitcoin network in his talk on the underlying architecture of Bitcoin. With reference to the Bitcoin whitepaper, Vaughn will discuss the different components and actors within the BSV world to shed more light on the inner workings of the world’s most scalable blockchain.

Day one closes with discussions on the differences between the Bitcoin ledger and the public blockchain, before Steve Shadders looks at Bitcoin Script and explores the development opportunities created by BSV.

The first day of Bitcoin SV DevCon 2020 rounds off with Dr. Craig S Wright, before leading into the more practically focused day 2.

Over the second day, the sessions will look at practical implementations of BSV, from business considerations and the API to introductions to TXT and sCrypt. The event culminates in a panel discussion featuring Brendan Lee, Tokenized CEO James Belding, Money Button CEO Ryan X. Charles, and Codugh CEO Shashank Singhal.

The virtual event is set to kick off on July 18. Check out the full agenda and register to join the two-day Bitcoin SV DevCon 2020 event here.

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