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Block Dojo Philippines’ latest cohort aims for global success

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The nChain-powered Block Dojo has launched its second startup accelerator program in the Philippines. Similar to its predecessor, the 12-week program kicked off with a bootcamp in the province of Bataan, where a fresh cohort of founders, carefully chosen by the Block Dojo Philippines team, underwent five days of training, guided by industry experts.

While the founders gained insights into blockchain technology, the bootcamp wasn’t just about theoretical learning; it was about practical application and problem-solving.

Ramon Araullo, Head of Deal Flow and Strategic Partnerships at Block Dojo Philippines, described the bootcamp as educational and formative.

“We particularly designed the bootcamp to be filled with a lot of masterclasses and introductions to what they’re actually going to be doing in the program,” he said.

Each day revolved around a specific theme. For instance, there was a day focused on the founders, delving into their expectations from the program. It is crucial for Block Dojo to understand the founders’ needs upfront and ensure clarity from the outset. Other days involved in-depth discussions where founders explored their business ideas and the challenges they aimed to address.

On the last day of the bootcamp, the founders visited the Bataan government office to present their ideas to an audience of administrators and representatives from the Bataan government.

Local Economic Development & Investment Promotions Division Chief Benjamin Lewis Co, an observer during the presentations, found what he saw impressive and looks forward to what the founders can achieve in the future.

“All of the problems that they’re trying to solve are quite relatable,” he noted. “We are excited to see the progress that these companies will be making during the next few months.”

Block Dojo Cohort 2 unveiled six multifaceted startups, each poised to make significant impacts in their respective fields, both locally and internationally.

As Block Dojo Philippines Head of Marketing, Dominic Santiago, points out, “This time around, the great thing about our cohort is that it’s a more diverse set. We’re not just looking at startups that can impact the Philippines, but are actually globally ready when it comes to their ideas.”

Here’s a look at the six innovative startups of Block Dojo Cohort 2: 

  • PETTOPASS, founded by John Dometita, aims to revolutionize pet ownership through a digital registry and loyalty platform.
  • UPraised, founded by Pierre Legislador, facilitates property renovation funding and allows investors to access rental income.
  • PARK KING, founded by Jynon Mapa, simplifies event parking logistics with a convenient mobile reservation app.
  • WILLOW, founded by Clarice Cabanlit, is an app that connects high school students with mental health support resources.
  • CertifyED, founded by Gino Sampedro, is a blockchain-based certification platform that collaborates with universities.
  • Fit2gether, founded by Johannes Cortez, motivates fitness enthusiasts through challenges and charitable contributions.

Assisting in Block Dojo Philippines is the leading Web3 solutions provider, nChain. The global emerging technology company has been working with the province of Bataan to digitize its local government processes and transform the region into a blockchain hub in Asia. nChain has been focused on fueling blockchain technology training and education in the Philippines through various efforts; one such initiative is Block Dojo Philippines.

Business Development Lead at nChain Philippines, Stephanie Tower, who was in attendance at the bootcamp, shared her thoughts about the program, saying, “We always want to be able to discover and join in the fun and the excitement of learning about these creatives as founders and the businesses they’re trying to create. Because at the end of the day, what we’re trying to do here in the Philippines is enable the country through technology.”

A notable modification from its previous iteration is the team’s significant focus on preparing founders for immediate investment opportunities.

Managing Director Kristoffer Briones emphasizes this shift, stating, “By the end of the program, we want them (founders) to be investment ready.” This will be implemented throughout the early stage of the program, as Briones elaborates, “We’re pushing them to secure early commitments such as letters of intent, pre-orders, and more, integrating these critical steps into the program from the outset.”

By supporting Filipino startups in leveraging blockchain technology and transitioning into the Web3 world, Block Dojo Philippines aims to establish itself as a noteworthy startup accelerator in the country. Its focus is on positioning its cohorts for success in the local and international startup scene.

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