‘A cool place for everyone’—Real World Podcasts is now Gibeo

Podcasting and video platform Gibeo has re-launched, reminding creators there are alternatives to selling out if they want to earn money from their work. If the name sounds unfamiliar, it’s because the site was formerly known as Real World Podcasts. Gibeo has upgraded its maximum file upload size to 2GB and plans to onboard more creators, part of an overall improvement process its developers say is “all about making Gibeo a cool place for everyone.”

The world definitely needs more media platforms like this, and BSV blockchain fulfills Bitcoin’s original promise of fast, cheap micropayments that enable entire new online economies and economic opportunities. Large commercial platforms still dominate. Even though the internet and hardware improvements have lowered the entry-level bar for media producers and allowed millions of new creators to flourish, existing advertising-driven payment models limit the type of content they feature.

Over the past decade, this has led to ever-increasing censorship through “de-monetization” and “shadowbanning,” along with the more overt method of simply removing channels advertisers don’t like. Whether the pressure to do this is commercial or political is up for much debate, but the result is a drastic narrowing of permitted content topics on sites like YouTube. Independent earnings and payments, enabled by the BSV blockchain and the blockchain, mean more freedom to create.

Content creators who open a channel on Gibeo can receive instant payments when audiences purchase their work—or they can post it for free. New channels need to be approved by Gibeo first, but other than that, anyone with talent can sign up and choose where on their content they’d like to include payments.

Independent dev team, built for independent creators

Speaking to CoinGeek, Gibeo developers Rae and Jay said the new name “creatively fuses the internet humor ‘Gib’ with ‘video.’ We think it’s easy to say, compared to Real World Podcasts.”

Gibeo is a business, but the two-person team is dedicated to remaining independent and unbeholden to large commercial pressures. Jay stated in a previous X/Twitter Space that “we’re not doing the VC funding thing, we’re just doing it because we wanted a blockchain that works and we think this is the coolest thing out.”

Are they happy with how Gibeo/RWP has grown since it first launched?

“Yeah, things are looking up! We started as unknowns, but now more folks know about us,” they said. “Over 690 people signed up, which is better than we hoped. We’re happy to see folks coming back for more. About VC funding, we’re not against it, but we’d rather sell the site and focus on new projects,” they added.

Given the small size of the development team, Rae and Jay’s principles—and the fact it’s a spare-time project out of necessity—Gibeo is fairly bare-bones compared to the big players. That itself is a feature since commercial platforms always end up “bloated” with resource-hogging additions (hello iTunes) and annoying auto-plays, blaring the advertisements their large backers demand.

That said, what improvements is Gibeo making to its site?

“We’re spicing things up with some cool stuff. You’ll get notifications on your home screen for a more fun time. We’re letting you upload chunkier files up to 2GB. We’re also tidying up our code and adding timestamps to videos, so you know when things were posted. Content creators can open their shop, and we’re adding Markdown language support and link previews,” the developers shared.

The ‘BSV niche’ problem

BSV blockchain-and-micropayment content publishing platforms are great for creators, and as a showcase for scalable Bitcoin as an alternative to the internet’s odious ad-driven economy. One challenge, though, is attracting a more universal audience. Given the niche market of creators and audiences using the BSV blockchain, much of the content on these platforms end up being BSV-related—which, in turn, further “niche-ifies” these sites’ appeal. This problem, among others, has contributed to the demise of media platforms like and Streamanity.

Gibeo’s developers, as an independent team working at their own pace, are probably under less pressure to grow fast and turn a profit than others. That said, Rae and Jay said they’re going to use their networking and social media skills to broaden.

“We’re getting social and upping the marketing. When our site is updated, we’ll hit social media and reach a bigger crowd. We’re also reaching out to influencers and creators from different corners. Plus, we’re exploring partnerships with other platforms and communities, like our awesome collaboration with @pegddigital.”

Gibeo currently allows sign-ups via HandCash and Twetch wallets, though Rae and Jay said they’re looking into logins with Google and Twitter, hoping to draw in others from outside the BSV blockchain world.

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