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Monetizing your audio and video podcasts: Exploring Real World Podcasts and BSV blockchain

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Discover the full scope of your creative potential through the transformative capabilities of BSV blockchain and the groundbreaking platform, RealWorldPodcasts.com. In this insightful piece, you’ll learn how this platform revolutionizes how podcasters and video content creators monetize their work. From setting your prices, harnessing true creative freedom, directly connecting with your audience, earning fairly, and saying goodbye to high transaction fees, RealWorldPodcasts.com brings an exciting, transformative shift in the content creation landscape. Whether you’re a seasoned creative professional, a subject matter expert, or a journalist with a story to tell, this platform opens up a world of possibilities. Dive into this article and discover how to start your unique creative journey today.

Not long ago, I stumbled upon an innovative website, Real World Podcasts. This digital hub, powered by BSV blockchain, transforms how podcasters monetize their content. Curious to see how the site worked, I reached out to the developers who approved my application to be a podcaster to get the whole experience and do a video to take viewers through a demonstration of how the website worked and how easy it was to use. 

You can watch the video I pieced together to test and explore the website on YouTube, where I demonstrate a quick way for anybody to get started. 

YouTube video

After getting an insider’s perspective and test-driving the website, I’m going to share with you now what I’ve discovered about this unique platform and provide you reasons why you, as a podcaster or a video content creator, should consider using it to earn and monetize your podcasts and videos. 

Your voice, your rules

With conventional platforms, creatives often feel pressured to fit within predefined boxes. That’s not the case with Real World Podcasts. Here, you have the liberty to set your own rules, including the pricing of your original content. This freedom to monetize your work as you see fit opens up a new realm of possibilities.

True creative freedom

Creativity thrives on diversity and freedom, but unfortunately, these qualities are often stifled on many platforms due to advertising constraints. Real World Podcasts offers a refreshing change. As users pay directly for content, a broader spectrum of topics becomes viable, nurturing creativity and authentic expression.

Direct connection with your audience

One of the most significant rewards as a content creator is knowing that your work resonates with your audience. Real World Podcasts enhances this connection by allowing viewers to support your work through BSV blockchain payments directly. This isn’t just an additional income stream—it’s a token of appreciation from your audience.

Earn fairly for your efforts

Why should platforms take a substantial portion of your earnings when you’re doing the hard work? Real World Podcasts understands this dilemma and addresses it by taking only a 5% cut per purchase, ensuring you reap the fruits of your labor.

Collaborative earnings made easy

Collaboration is a cornerstone of creative projects, but profit-sharing often poses a challenge. With Real World Podcasts, you can effortlessly split the revenue between up to three addresses, encouraging teamwork and fostering fruitful collaborations.

Bye-bye, high transaction fees

With BSV transactions on Real World Podcasts, you can bid farewell to steep transaction fees and long payout delays. You get near-instant transactions at incredibly low costs, so more earnings stay with you.

Multiple purposes

The website would be great for journalists seeking to report truthful stories that matter. It would also be an excellent way for subject matter experts to create courses, teaching people about a niche topic. It might also be for a person enthusiastic about AI, or any other niche topic, to publish podcasts keeping their audience up-to-date with the latest breakthroughs. 


Real World Podcasts is unlike any other podcasting website. It prioritizes your interests, values your creativity, and rewards your efforts. Paired with the power of the true Bitcoin—BSV blockchain—this platform offers you a unique opportunity to share your talents with the world while earning fairly and transparently. Don’t wait to explore this exciting avenue—your creative journey awaits!

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YouTube video

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