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Offsetting carbon emissions with nature restoration: mintBlue to showcase new solution at London Blockchain Conference 2024

mintBlue‘s mission is to make the public blockchain as accessible as the internet for both businesses and individuals, a message that was revealed during the London Blockchain Conference 2023. mintBlue’s CEO Niels van den Bergh was also excited to announce a partnership with NoWatch, a popular brand of health-tracking apparel, together releasing a blockchain-powered smart wearable.

The partnership between NoWatch and mintBlue represented the first smart-wearable brand that respects data ownership and streams biometrics on-chain. This is important for the wearers of this technology because they can finally take control of their biometric data and decide who can see and use it.

mintBlue represents a doorway to a blockchain with the ability to facilitate micropayments due to its extremely low fees and scalability—the BSV blockchain, in particular. As a result, NoWatch wearers have the option of selling their biometric data to other parties for a small fee, or they can choose to keep their data completely private or only show it to their doctors, for example, if they choose.

With the London Blockchain Conference 2024 just around the corner, mintBlue’s van den Bergh promises to light up the stage and expo floor once again, with plenty of growth and product advancements to reveal.

“We have matured tremendously as a company, hiring a robust and talented product team (including infamous BSV developer Nick Carton from Bitping). We have operated the year at break-even. We feel we are getting closer to product-market fit with every new project we do,” shared van den Bergh.

At the London Blockchain Conference 2024, mintBlue will be showcasing a solution from new EU legislation (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, CSRD), which will allow multiple organizations to collaborate on the shared ledger.

“It involved a maritime logistics platform, Dockflow, for tracking and tracing containers, integrated with a certified and independent firm called BigMile, focused on carbon emission calculation, which in turn is integrated with impact organizations like GoForest/Sumthing that can offset carbon emissions with nature restoration,” van den Bergh revealed.

“It’s one of the first solutions where multiple actors are aligned and incentivized to collaborate on-chain for full provenance and traceability of every container and its impact on nature,” he confirmed.

Looking 12 months out and beyond, the excitement continues for mintBlue with more ground-breaking projects on the horizon.

“We will reveal our first government client and the blueprint we made with them to create a privacy-preserving way for real-time taxation in The Netherlands,” said van den Bergh.

“Tax Offices worldwide are looking for ways to make taxation more efficient and convenient while still respecting the sovereignty of citizens and businesses,” he added.

For a deeper dive into mintBlue’s innovations and visions, be sure to catch up with van den Bergh at the London Blockchain Conference 2024, where he looks forward to meeting like-minded individuals who want to talk about business and partnerships.

mintBlue is also seeking strategic investors who can help them bring “absolute data ownership” to the mainstream.

If you have not yet registered for the London Blockchain Conference 2024, you can get your tickets online. We look forward to seeing you there!

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