Unwriter seeks accredited investors for Planaria corp

Are you an accredited U.S. investor looking for the next big thing to buy into? Lucky for you, one of the most brilliant and accomplished individuals in the Bitcoin industry is asking for funding. Unwriter, the anonymous (but not for long) developer of many important Bitcoin apps, has announced the first seed round investment for his new corporation, Planaria corp.

In his announcement, made via Medium, Unwriter makes it clear that he opted not to pursue crowdfunding, instead opting to raise funds from professional investors. While he didn’t come right out to explain exactly why, it’s clear that he’s preferring to seek partnerships with serious individuals or groups, rather than to seek the most amount of money from get-rich quick schemes.

If that’s not already clear enough, he lays out four specific qualifications of those he’s willing to partner with:

” 1. Legally eligible to invest in a private U.S. company. If you’re a U.S. resident, this probably means you’re an accredited investor. If you’re outside of the U.S., maybe you already have your own way. Ideally, you probably have invested in a startup company before.

2. Can ideally provide value to the company more than just money. This includes both professional investors and strategic investors.

3. Already a Bitcoin SV maximalist. If you still don’t get it or believe 100% yet, I don’t have time to try to convince you.”

Beyond those four credentials, he does show some flexibility. Investors could be from Venture Capital (VCs) or Bitcoin ecosystem investors, such as miners or other businesses. What matter is that they believe in the mission that Unwriter has created with Planaria corp, specifically to use Bitcoin SV (BSV) to make the world more efficient.

Unwriter has the credentials to back that promise up. He’s repeatedly shown that he has the vision and ability to build incredible things with BSV. He’s developed such incredible things as Bitbus, turning the Bitcoin blockchain into a node-less computer network for developers, Bottle, a bitcoin browser, and in January, Unwriter went on an epic stretch, developing six new BSV innovations in six days.

Now in the spirit of BSV, Unwriter is encouraging investors to support his own development company rather than the currency itself. That demonstrates that he’s motivated by creating utility on the BSV blockchain to earn his wealth, rather than the get rich quick schemes of other projects.

If anyone can do it, Unwriter can. So if you are one of the serious investors Unwriter is looking for, it might be worth reaching out to him.

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