Unwriter announces Bitbus, the Bitcoin-less Bitcoin computer network

Unwriter announces Bitbus, the Bitcoin-less Bitcoin computer network

The development world of Bitcoin SV (BSV) doesn’t usually have wait very long for new applications from Unwriter, the anonymous developer. On June 5, he took to Twitter once again to announce his latest innovation, Bitbus.

The new development is a Bitcoin-less Bitcoin Computer Network. Unwriter went on to define it a little bit more specifically, explaining:

“Instead of having to run a full Bitcoin node (hundreds of GB and soon TB), you can instantly create your own filtered replication using Bitquery in seconds. Only store what you need for your app. Instead of hundreds of GB, you store a few MB.”

What this effectively means, for businesses and BSV developers, is that they will no longer need to run a full Bitcoin node. Instead, they can use Bitbus to get only the information they need from the blockchain, ignoring the potential terrabytes of data that could have otherwise slowed them down.

The Bitbus website features documentation to better understand what it is, as well as a tutorial of how to get started with the new service, and a link to its GitHub. It also has a working demo, using WeatherSV.

This new service helps answer one of the biggest criticisms of the bigger block sizes of BSV, namely that terabytes of data would become too burdensome for developers to run their own nodes for. With Bitbus, that’s no longer an issue at all, proving that innovation from bright minds can tackle any problem in the way of massive scaling.

Bitbus takes advantage of the Bitcoin Association’s Open BSV License, meaning it is available exclusively for the BSV blockchain. This shows once again Unwriter’s committment to the original Bitcoin protocol, and the mentality amongst BSV developers to keep their work exclusive to the only blockchain adhering to the original Satoshi vision.

The response to Unwriter’s latest reveal immediately caused a positive response. One user replied, “The need to run a full node was limiting me in what I could create. This is a game changer!”

As Dr. Craig Wright noted at the recent CoinGeek Toronto scaling conference, the future of Bitcoin isn’t in changes to the protocol, but in the development that is happening now amongst the community. Unwriter hasn’t only been a huge positive force in that movement, but with innovations like Bitbus, he’s helping others to accomplish more too.

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