6 breakthroughs in 6 days for Bitcoin SV dev Unwriter

6 breakthroughs in 6 days for Bitcoin SV dev Unwriter

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Unwriter has had a truly big week. From January 14 to 20, the developer released six innovations in six days for the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain on BitDB. On the seventh day, he proudly announced on Twitter, “Today I rest from all my work.”


It all started with a Medium post on Monday, January 14, with the reveal of Genesis, a BitDB node that runs on the BSV blockchain. The technology allows Bitqueries of the blockchain, acting as a database for transactions.

Unwriter continued his work on Tuesday, revealing Babel. This BitDB Node is much leaner, and allows queries for data-only Bitcoin applications that use the OP_Return code.

On Wednesday, the prolific cryptocurrency developer announced he’d completed Chronos. This BitDB provides results along with a timestamp of when it was discovered. It also included a 24-hour sliding window of transaction storage, a chronological ordering of transactions, and a “dynamically-computed virtual attributed named ‘timeago.’”

Meta BitDB was his next release on January 17. This software allowed for the implementation of block metadata. It could work in conjunction with any of his previous three releases, and would allow queries of metadata all the way back to the first Genesis Block.

Friday brought the announcement of BitSocket, which Unwriter describes as the “push” counterpart. This BitDB, which can work with all four of his previous nodes, allows applications to subscribe to Server Sent Events, set filters with Bitqueries, and allow triggered actions as a result. To prove the concept, Unwriter shows Twitter bots that were configured to tweet at each other based on transactions found in the blockchain.

His final accomplishment, proving the power of his BitDBs and Bitsocket, was the release of Bitchat, which he describes as “a Massively Multiplayer Global Realtime Chat over Bitcoin.” The chat posts to the BSV blockchain by posting transactions, and then listens to it for chat from other users. While some Twitter trolls joked that they don’t want a chat with a 10-minute lag, because of the BSV blockchain’s ability to massively scale, messages post instantly, as Unwriter shows in another tweet.

On Sunday, January 20, Unwriter rested. After these many important accomplishments, it’s a rest well deserved. Jimmy Nguyen, Founding President of the bComm Association, congratulated Unwriter for his work, tweeting: “It’s a week of WINs!”

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