Unwriter announces Planaria Corp, his Bitcoin company

Unwriter announces Planaria Corp, his Bitcoin company

Unwriter, the mysterious and anonymous developer who has done so much for the world of Bitcoin, has already promised to slowly come out of his shroud of secrecy and become a businessman in the industry. He looks to have started that process officially on July 22, as he has announced the incorporation of Planaria Corp, his Bitcoin development business.

He announced the new corporation on both Twitter and Medium, and gave a taste of what we can expect from the new company. He likened Bitcoin to electricity, which makes technology more efficient, whereas Bitcoin, now championed by Bitcoin SV (BSV), makes everything more efficient. He wrote:

Planaria corp aims to build the most powerful motor that transforms and delivers this “electricity” into many useful forms, making it accessible to various industries of the world.

While he could have incorporated Planaria anywhere in the world and cherrypicked the state or country with the least regulation, Unwriter specifically chose to found the company in New York, a state known for its stricter regulatory stance on cryptocurrency. He explained his choice:

“The ideal place is a city with highly diverse culture, generates all kinds of creative intellectual properties which Bitcoin can eat up, and a global hub for many industries ripe for the next industrial revolution including art, media, health care, manufacturing, trade, real estate, and finance.”

While that diversity of life and ideas will serve his company well, this is also a great choice to prove that unlike other dark coins, BSV companies cherish the thought of proving they can live up to government regulations. By building his new empire in the state with the harshest spotlight, Unwriter is proving that he’s got nothing to hide, and much to share. Proving this thought, he tweeted:

Unwriter seems very excited to get started, already looking for others in the Empire State who are ready to start building on the BSV blockchain with him. He already tweeted out to his followers, “Who else in New York? Let’s colonize this city.” He garnered several responses from followers eager to join him.

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