Unwriter announces Bottle, a Bitcoin browser

Unwriter announces Bottle, a Bitcoin browser

There’s a new way to browse content on the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain. Anonymous developer Unwriter has announced Bottle, a Bitcoin Browser. Available for Mac, Windows, and also available on GitHub, Bottle allows users to surf content on the Bitcoin network.

Announced in a March 21 tweet, Unwriter notes that Bottle is capable of surfing anything saved to the BSV blockchain, including images, texts, HTML, JSON, Javacript and CSS.

He explains why he built it in the following passages:

“HTTP is the protocol for the old world, the server-client based cloud paradigm.

“By moving away from HTTP and authoring everything in a Bitcoin native way (using Bitcoin transaction ids and content hashes) we can build a completely self-contained network of documents which can exist forever on the blockchain.”

Bottle is capable of accessing the B:// and C:// uniform resource identifiers (URIs), which allows it to browse transactions as addresses and content addressed URI schemes based on file contents, respectively.

Much of this can already be accomplished with existing blockchain tools, but Unwriter explains that we need to break away from old mindsets. “Instead of thinking from the old WWW mindset, we should think from a Bitcoin-native mindset,” he wrote.

The browser is powered by Electron, so it already has access to powerful BSV features, as well as the typical browser features you would expect.

Unwriter also noted that he released this new browser earlier than he normally would have with his other works, specifically so that it can grow and evolve to the needs to the community. He’s welcomed feedback through GitHub, and has already responded to questions and cheered on developments on Twitter.

With this new app, Unwriter is making it easier for developers and users to fully embrace the BSV blockchain, and start walking away from the world wide web. It will still take some time to discover what applications this will prove most useful for, and to see the full potential of what developers can do with it, but getting started down that road is an exciting prospect.

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