Unbounded Enterprise: Bitcoin SV Infrastructure Service Provider

Recently, we had a chance to catch up with Unbounded Capital’s Principal, Jackson Laskey. In his presentation at the recently held CoinGeek Live, “Transaction Processing: A Key to Drive Adoption of BSV Businesses,” Laskey announced the launch of Unbounded capital’s sister company, Unbounded Enterprise. 

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Laskey is the co-founder and interim CEO of Unbounded Enterprise. In our conversation with Laskey, we learned more about the company, its goals, and how companies can partner with and work alongside Unbounded Enterprise, among other things.

Here is what we learned.

What is Unbounded Enterprise?

Unbounded Enterprise is probably best considered a BSV infrastructure service provider. There’s a bit of a double meaning there, however. We are both looking to provide services to BSV infrastructure, and provide BSV infrastructure to other businesses. Ultimately, we really just want to make it easy for businesses to use BSV.

What inspired the Unbounded Capital team to launch Unbounded Enterprise?

Investing while taking the proper care to make great decisions is a fantastic way to learn. After our first year investing in the BSV space, we felt like our understanding was such that there were more ways we could contribute than just attracting capital to the space. 

Making sure that we were doing something synergetic with Unbounded Capital and Unbounded Capital portfolio companies was our number one priority when evaluating other means by which we could contribute to the ecosystem. As I mentioned in my talk at CoinGeek Live, transaction processors are incentivized to grow the ecosystem. It’s a good, neutral layer where we can focus on driving adoption on many fronts, driving sales for many BSV services.

What is Xoken Vega and how/why will Unbounded Enterprise use it?

The “proof-of-concept” phase is coming to an end in Bitcoin. Xoken Labs is a fantastic company with a real gift for scale. This gives us extraordinary confidence that their BSV node implementation, Xoken Vega, will allow us to provide the scale that our customers will need. It’s a fully “scale-out” design which allows us to flex Bitcoin’s parallelizability, a key advantage over competing chains which has not been leveraged to this point.

Another important factor to me is Xoken Labs’ business model and structure. I think incentives are very well aligned between Unbounded Enterprise and Xoken Labs since we will be paying an enterprise licensing fee for the use of the main net product. I also know that Xoken Labs is able to provide Unbounded Enterprise the node solution we need, which will likely evolve over time as the needs of our specific customers come into focus. In other words, Unbounded Enterprise wants to use a node implementation that is a product from a supplier which is willing and able to customize that product to our needs. This is not how things have been done throughout the “proof-of-concept” phase of Bitcoin.

We know Unbounded Enterprise is currently hiring, what roles is the Unbounded Enterprise team looking to fill at the moment?

We have needs across our organization, so we are more focused on connecting with people who are passionate about driving adoption of BSV services rather than looking to fill specific positions. Our main requirement is the ability to think at scale.

How do you envision companies using or working with/alongside Unbounded Enterprise?

Right now we are working on a set of products that I think will be widely useful to companies interacting with BSV in some way, whether those be BSV infrastructure providers, BSV native companies, or enterprises looking to integrate BSV. Ultimately, we are looking to be in the business of connecting companies providing BSV infrastructure with those requiring it. This means that we will be both a customer and supplier of many companies in the BSV space. Certainly we won’t be “just” a transaction processor, and I don’t think there will be any company that is “just” a transaction processor. 

If anyone is interested in learning more about what we can offer one’s business, please get in touch with us at https://www.unboundedenterprise.io/contact 

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