Lucy Hedges and Victoria Scholar on CoinGeek Backstage

There was something for everyone at the London Blockchain Conference 2023, says hosts Victoria Scholar and Lucy Hedges

The London Blockchain Conference was the largest blockchain event to date, with thousands in attendance and hundreds of thousands more watching it online. Lucy Hedges and Victoria Scholar were key to the success of the event, steering the ship on the business and technical stages, respectively.

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CoinGeek’s Becky Liggero caught up with the two conference hosts to discuss their best moments at the three-day event.

“The energy on my stage was just alive,” Hedges told CoinGeek Backstage. A seasoned tech journalist who has worked with the BBC, the Metro newspaper, and more, Hedges hosted the business stage and moderated some of the panels.

“We discussed all sorts of things, from NFTs and streaming to regulations and owning your data—all the things that sum up what blockchain is really about,” she stated.

One of the panels she moderated focused on NFT-powered streaming, with Hollywood producer and Proxima Media founder Ryan Kavanaugh among the panelists.

“The reason why we’re here is to showcase the true potential and the transformative nature of blockchain, and I think we nailed it,” Hedges said.

Scholar, a seasoned tech journalist and the Head of Investment at U.K.-based Interactive Investor, hosted the technical stage where industry thought leaders addressed the more practical topics in blockchain and Bitcoin.

“We had a super-jammed agenda on the technical stage,” she told CoinGeek Backstage.

Some of the topics on the technical stage included selecting the best token protocol on the BSV blockchain, freezing and seizing lost digital assets, integrating Simplified Payment Verification (SPV), interoperability, how to develop a wallet, and more. Project Babbage’s Ty Everett also led the audience in a code-along session where they made their first BSV app.

Despite its technical nature, Scholar pointed out that “there was definitely something for everyone.”

One of Scholar’s best sessions was the Block Dojo showcase in which some of the startups being nurtured by the London incubator revealed their progress. Hedges singled out the NFT streaming session with Kavanaugh and the mintBlue showcase of their new device with NoWatch as the highlights.

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