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Get started building your first BSV app—Project Babbage shows us how at the London Blockchain Conference

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At the London Blockchain ConferenceTy Everett and Brayden Langley from Project Babbage showed us how to build our first BSV blockchain-powered app. This was a code-along session inviting the audience to open their laptops and follow along.

This is what the future looks like

Everett begins by telling us that what we’re about to see is the result of three years of research, and this is what the future looks like. Until now, the internet hasn’t been completed, but we’re getting closer to that point.

He invites the audience to take out their laptops and visit BotCrafter.io. There’s a Metanet client/interface that runs locally, manages keys, and enables micropayments, he explains.

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After downloading the client, Everett shows us how to set up an account, and the BotCrafter page pops up. Hinting at how the Metanet will work, he delivers a memorable quote, “users shouldn’t have to log into apps. Apps should have to log into users.”

Explaining what we’re seeing, Everett tells us that BotCrafter is a marketplace for chatbots. There are already several bots on the marketplace called Max Keiser, Donald Trump, Gregory Maxwell, and several other characters. He explains that you can set up and earn from your own bot.

Setting up a chatbot step-by-step

Langley then gives a live demo on how to set up a bot step-by-step. He invites the audience to open their laptops and follow along.

First, he views some code on GitHub and clones the repo.

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Next, he opens a coding environment, in this case, Visual Studio, pasting the code there.

After this, he starts the React app in a local browser. He then authenticates with his Metanet identity.

The next step involves adding support for micropayments. This will enable him to interact with the bot after spending.

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He then trains the bot on some pre-prepared data and lists it on the marketplace.

The chatbot is a London tour guide. He asks the best place to get fish and chips in London, and it answers using Open AI’s API.

Painting the bigger picture, Everett explains how this will ultimately eliminate the need for usernames and passwords, dramatically simplifying and finally completing the internet.

An exciting glance into the Metanet

Throughout the demo, Everett and Langley repeatedly explained that this is still very early days, but it shows the potential of the Metanet.

Peer-to-peer transactions, micropayments, and a much simpler internet are on the horizon, and Project Babbage is both building it and teaching others how to do the same!

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