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The CoinGeek Pulse Special: BSV Global Blockchain Convention 2022 in Dubai

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“What kind of world do you want?”

This is the question Jimmy Nguyen, BSV Blockchain Association Founding President and conference host, asked the attendees as he opened the inaugural BSV Global Blockchain Convention in Dubai. This week on the CoinGeek Pulse, we are running a special episode to break down the highlights and the best moments of the three-day event that would define the kind of world that movers and key players in the ecosystem perceive with the BSV blockchain.

In his opening speech, Nguyen presented the BSV blockchain as a scalable, secure, and efficient public blockchain that would be useful to create the world that we want—to advance many projects and initiatives by governments, enterprises, and even consumers. 

“We have that opportunity now with Bitcoin and blockchain to recreate what should have been created with the internet,” said Nguyen. He then asked, “Do you want a world with just investment speculation?”

He mentioned the kind of world that empowers every person in every country; a world where cities, communities, and nations are smarter, more automated, more connected; a world of sustainability, honesty, with data integrity; a world of innovation; a world of light; a world of good

Following Nguyen’s opening speech were the men leading the Middle East BSV Blockchain movement. Ahmed Yousif, Middle East Lead for the BSV Blockchain for Government Initiative, shared how the region is taking the lead in blockchain adoption by digging deep into smart cities powered by BSV blockchain as a data management system—beyond digital currencies dialogue.

“Our journey in the region has just started and we are going to build this momentum with the help of the ecosystem. BSV blockchain is here to disrupt the way we share data and to promote value-exchange protocol,” he added.

As expected, real-world blockchain solutions took center stage, including an inspiring discussion with HandCash, Built By Gamers, Haste Arcade, and NFTY Jigs on how to leverage the BSV blockchain to innovate—especially in the field of gaming, which will play a massive role in bitcoin’s mass adoption in the coming years. 

The rest of the three days focused on how Bitcoin and blockchain can create a better world—allowing anyone to contribute and participate in every industry every day and more than ever before. 

At the convention, we saw key players paving the way to make this happen using the BSV blockchain, starting off with tech industry giant IBM which is now working on a cybersecurity blockchain solution with Certihash that is building its Sentinel Node project on the BSV blockchain. 

IBM Consulting’s Patrick Walaszczyk talked about the enterprise-grade level of BSV blockchain and its massive scaling power where they can build scalable and secure design solutions for their customers. Walaszczyk shared why IBM believes BSV is the right technology choice for enterprises. 

“First of all, the massive scaling power of BSV enables very low fees which facilitates the micropayments transactions and greater data capacity,” he answered. 

“BSV is the right choice because it offers low volatility of cost, which led us to easily predict cost structure and possible overhead of what we’re going to build,” Walaszczyk added. 

One of the exciting developments and products in the entire blockchain space is the announcement by Xiaohui Liu, sCrypt’s founder and CEO. Ethereum developers can now port and convert code written in Ethereum’s popular Solidity language into Bitcoin Script with the launch of the smart contract transpiler. This means Ethereum developers can program in BSV without having to learn another language and, most importantly, enjoy the massive scaling power and the low pricing that can only be leveraged on BSV. 

With BSV’s record-breaking block size, booking platform Umrah Companions in Saudi Arabia announced that they will be moving their $40 billion pilgrimage industry onto BSV. 

Meanwhile, Centbee Remit allows users to send cash from their Bitcoin wallet to friends and family’s wallets, bank accounts, or even for cash pickup. This will be available to Centbee users in the United Kingdom sending money to West Africa, with other countries to follow soon. 

Mobile-first, self-custodial, multi-currency Fabriik Wallet also took the spotlight at the convention. Users can now buy, swap and store top digital currencies cheaply and instantaneously in one place. 

One of the announcements that made a big buzz in the fine art industry is Buzzmint’s minting and listing of Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s painting “Gabrielle with the mirror.” The sale includes two NFTs—a digital certificate and the digital twin of the Renoir painting, with a reserve price of $3 million. 

The inaugural event also gave out Global Blockchain Visionary Awards, and the first recipient is His Excellency Adnan Al Noorani, the Founder of the Future Innovation Summit. He is also the Charmain of the Board of the Private Office of Sheik Saqer Bin Mohamed Al Qasimi. 

More personalities who have contributed to the growth of the industry were given the honor. 

The three-day event was packed with insightful discussions on all the good that the BSV blockchain can open and give the world. One of the most-awaited moments of GBC22 is the Keynote Speech from Bitcoin creator Dr. Craig Wright, who shared the good that he can contribute to the industry. 

“We’re going to have more fun, and we’re going to start with a nice little network out there and we’re going to make all those lovely people in solidarity-type Ethereum world super, super happy—and I mean super happy because we’re going to allow them to keep building their platform at scale, with no limits,” Dr. Wright revealed.

Standing out from other digital assets and ‘crypto’ events and conferences, the first BSV Global Blockchain Convention has proven the growth of Bitcoin and how its superior blockchain technology can power the world today and beyond. 

And this is only the beginning… 

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