The Bitcoin Vision: Episode 10

The Bitcoin Vision: Episode 10

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The excitement continues this week as Bitcoin SV stays on track to its roadmap of massive on-chain scaling as it becomes the world’s new money. Founding President of the Bitcoin Association Jimmy Nguyen is back in London for this week’s episode of The Bitcoin Vision, where he’s reunited with his crew who are equally excited about BSV’s latest big wins.

This week, the updates start off with the future of scaling—and it’s called Teranode. The nChain architecture team recently held a three-day workshop in London for Teranode, its next-level full node implementation for Bitcoin SV. It will use a microservices architecture approach to enable major enterprise usage of a massively-scaled BSV network with terabyte size blocks, and the recent workshop’s goal was to bring several independent designs together to critique and take the best from each.

The Satoshi shoutout this week goes to FNQComputers who has given us WeatherSV, a new application that allows users to permanently record local weather and climate data on the Bitcoin SV blockchain using OP_RETURN transactions. Learn how you can activate a channel for your local or favorite cities with WeatherSV here.

Meanwhile, for developers looking to make a great BSV app, Nguyen has some good news for you—100 of them, in fact. Developer resource website BSV/Devs now has 100 developer resources listed, providing an easy to navigate list of valuable resources for BSV developers, and a constantly updated list of new innovations being built for BSV. Check them out here.

Native Bitcoin SV photo app Bitstagram now has an extension, courtesy of Twitter user @wildsatchmo, that allows users to comment on images for free once they have installed the extension. On the other hand, Twitter user @deggen has created the first meme generator for the BSV blockchain. The generator, which uses the Bottle browser, works with any b:// image transaction ID.

A new “superwallet” has also joined the Bitcoin SV ecosystem. RelayX is a wallet launched by Jack Liu, and it aims to deliver a seamless payment experience, and make it compatible with all the closed payment apps, such as WeChat, Alipay, Line Pay, and others.

Rounding up this week’s update is more good news from Guarda Wallet, which has released a comprehensive tutorial to help newcomers learn how their Bitcoin SV wallet works. Read the tutorial here.

Catch Jimmy Nguyen and other global experts in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space at the CoinGeek Toronto scaling conference, taking place at The Carlu on May 29-30. It’s easy to register, and use the world’s new money to register, and get a discount, by using Bitcoin SV via Coingate.

The first day is the Developers Day, and it is hosted by the Bitcoin Association. According to Nguyen, the event is “meant to help people learn about the technical developments as we scale Bitcoin SV to no limits and to help you develop projects, enterprises and applications on the original Bitcoin blockchain.”

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