Bitcoin SV OP_RETURN stats unlocked by WhatsOnChain

Bitcoin SV OP_RETURN stats unlocked by WhatsOnChain

One of the big selling points of blockchain technology is the wealth of information it offers for those that really want to analyze the data. Now, thanks to WhatsOnChain, we have a bunch of new statistics to observe on the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain.

In a tweet on March 3, the WhatsOnChain team announced that OP_RETURN statistics are now being tracked on their site. They also teased there’s more to come.

A visit to the site reveals a couple of neat metrics for all OP_RETURN fields in BSV transactions. They track a weekly trend of tags going back to the November 2018 hard fork that saw Bitcoin reborn as BSV. OP_RETURN, and bitcom typically dominate these trends, but Tokenized is not too far behind.

They also have a percentage breakdown for the last 24 hours, the last 7 days, and the last 30 days.

All of these stats views is customizable as well. By clicking on one of the tags, you can filter it out to see what the stats would look like without it.

This is all made possible of course by the nChain team raising the limit on the OP_RETURN feature. By increasing the size allowed for OP_RETURNs to 100KB, BSV has opened up a new world of possibilities, and taken on a new form as not only the money of the future, but the data carrier of the future.

WhatsOnChain is increasingly becoming the preferred method for analyzing the BSV blockchain. On February 14, the HandCash wallet team announced they would be changing their default block explorer to the service. Considering the wealth of information, they provide, going far and beyond what’s required, the change is understandable.

We have a feeling they’ll have much more data to crunch into fun statistics as BSV continues to evolve. As BSV continues to follow its missing to massively scale on chain, the amount of data that will fit into each transaction and block will continue to increase, creating a world of new possibilities, and a lot of work for the WhatsOnChain team.

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