Bitcoin SV has legitimate development, regardless of Dr. Craig Wright

Bitcoin SV has legitimate development, regardless of Dr. Craig Wright

A lot of attention has been paid lately to the legal battles of Dr. Craig Wright, chief scientist of nChain, and creator of Bitcoin under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. What gets lost in the news cycle is the serious development behind Bitcoin SV (BSV), even though it is the bigger and more important story long term.

James Edwards, editor of Zero n0nCense, recently tweeted several times about the development of BSV. After visiting the Slack channel of BSV, it caused Edwards to question if delisting the crypto is the right move. He went so far as to compliment the legitimacy of their work, and comment that BSV belongs in the crypto industry.

This is an impartial observer to the BSV space, not Wright’s side per se, but admiring the work of the project nonetheless. This is because ultimately, what Wright does online will mean very little when compared to the eventual success of the Bitcoin project.

Edwards has many tweets about the delisting of BSV, and went so far as to look into other hypocrisies by the howling mob, including a failure to delist Bitcoin Cash (BCHABC) after it had its own controversies and the shadier side of Binance that no one wants to admit.

He also took a hard look at Satoshi’s own words, taking a deep dive into forum posts, and comparing them against the development of Bitcoin. There’s a lot in there that points to the vision that BSV is now following.

Although Edwards said he doesn’t believe Wright was Satoshi, he pointed out that there are enough smart people behind BSV to make it a worthwhile project.

Ultimately, he doesn’t need to believe Wright, and Wright isn’t begging anyone to believe him. The only thing the man is trying to do is defend himself against false accusations coming from those who fear him, and ask for a chance to prove the truth of what he claims. In the meantime, BSV keeps working towards the original vision of Satoshi, with a stable protocol and massive blockchain scaling.

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