New app delivers automated local weather feeds on Bitcoin SV chain

New app delivers automated local weather feeds on Bitcoin SV chain

A new app has been launched for recording local weather and climate data on the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain, in the latest example of an app developer using OP_RETURN transactions in a practical use case.

The app, WeatherSV, was put together by the team behind Australian IT services firm FNQComputers, which announced the launch of the app on Twitter. According to the team, the automated weather channels can be activated from 40,000 live stations and the climate data can be stored on the BSV chain forever.

The app provides a web interface for users to begin recording weather data on the blockchain, covering a comprehensive data set including temperature, humidity, wind speed and air pressure.

Notably, the tweet references notable Bitcoin developer Unwriter, nChain Global and Money Button for their contributions to the project. According to the WeatherSV website, the service relies on bitdb, datapay, Money Button, and Open Weather Map, as well as the BSV blockchain.

WeatherSV allows users to record weather data for their local area, written immutably to the BSV blockchain as a permanent data record. The data is indexed for easy retrieval, and can be searched as required.

With some 40,000 live weather stations covered in the network, the app offers potentially wide ranging access to local weather data. New channels can be created for A$5 (about $4), the A$1/month (about $0.71) to maintain the feed, which writes the data immutably to the blockchain as a permanent, searchable record.

So far, the site has already activated channels for Saint Johns, Antigua and Barbuda; Melbourne and Geelong West in Australia; Toronto and Vancouver in Canada; Seoul, South Korea; Panama; Mandalay, Myanmar; Frankfurt am Main, Germany; Oslo, Norway; Hangzhou, China; Rosario, Argentina; Santiago, Chile; Beersheba and Tel Aviv in Israel; and Algonquin, Carol Stream, Miami, Minneapolis, Newport Beach, Rogers, Prairieville, and Keene in the United States.

The app demonstrates the capabilities of developments on Bitcoin SV, which benefits from being the most effective environment for blockchain developers, both technologically and practically.

The WeatherSV site, which went live on Wednesday, is the latest app to be powered by the Bitcoin SV blockchain. It comes at a time of heightened development activity in and around the BSV ecosystem, with developers, merchants and consumers increasingly preferring BSV to alternative platforms.

With minimal processing fees, fast transaction times and superior technology to other blockchains, BSV remains the platform of choice for innovative app developers.

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