Erik Gibbs

The BCH Boys are quitting YouTube—and moving to a blockchain platform

The BCH Boys, the pair of crypto podcasters that keep the world informed on what’s going on with Bitcoin BCH, are giving up on YouTube. However, their followers don’t have to be concerned about losing out on their favorite content. The duo is moving from YouTube to Keyport, a new video platform that uses the blockchain and allows for microtransactions through the popular Cashport interface.

The BCH Boys made their announcement via several social media channels, including Reddit and Twitter. On Reddit, they explained, “Keyport TV is the solution the internet has been waiting for. It allows users to pay for content with microtransactions and to connect their usage to their Bitcoin wallets with its integration with Cashport. Because we believe so strongly in its vision, and because the issue of content distribution is something we are passionate about, we will be moving our content to Keyport exclusively.”

The BCH Boys will be offering the same great content that the community has grown to love. They will also be including how-to videos to give other podcasters and video producers the knowledge on how to create their own content for the Keyport platform and how to generate revenue from their streams.

As the podcasters explained in their post, “Fractioned subscription services force users to pay flat monthly fees for content distributed across multiple platforms. The cost of these services is independent of actual consumption of content, resulting in some users subsidizing the heavy consumers. Wouldn’t it be great to just pay for what you use? Wouldn’t it be great if independent creators have the same ability to monetize and distribute content as Disney? Why are we forced to sell our data to advertisers just to watch content?”

Keyport makes this possible. Users connect their Handcash wallet to the platform during the registration process and then pay small amounts to view content. Currently, Handcash is the only wallet supported, but it’s possible that other wallets could be included in the future.

Keyport takes the popularity of YouTube and moves it into the future on a platform that will undoubtedly become the new standard for video content distribution. It’s a novel approach that will increase the amount of quality video offerings and, given that it’s built on the Bitcoin BCH blockchain, will further increase the cryptocurrency’s global reach.

Note: Tokens on the Bitcoin Core (SegWit) chain are referenced as SegWitCoin BTC coins. Altcoins, which value privacy, anonymity, and distance from government intervention, are referenced as dark coins.

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