Alpha Dapp official product launch with Justin Pauly at the London Blockchain Conference

Spotlight On at London Blockchain Conference 2023: AlphaDAPP, the can opener of blockchain

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On the business stage of the London Blockchain Conference’s second day, a diverse audience listened as one gentleman announced the launch of a product that seeks to be the can opener of blockchain.

That man was VX Technologies’ Justin Pauly. The product he speaks of is AlphaDAPP.

If you’re wondering what it means to be the can opener of anything but cans, you probably had this in common with most of the audience. But as Pauly described his company’s brand-new flagship product, the comparison started to make a lot of sense.

“AlphaDAPP is a foundational product that allows anyone with a dataset to be able to put data on chain, distribute that data, and then have peer-to-peer verification,” Pauly explained.

It makes sense so far, but what Pauly described is the foundation of virtually every interaction with the blockchain you could think of. In other words, it’s hardly groundbreaking.

Justin Pauly as a speaker at the London Blockchain Conference

Well, neither was can opening: people have been opening their soup cans for centuries, historically using a hammer and chisel to do so. But the revolution came with the can opener, a tool offering the world access to the mysterious delights contained within the steel can for a fraction of the effort required in days gone by.

So, too is the ambition of AlphaDAPP: the product allows businesses to build dApps that utilize the blockchain with minimal fuss—and no coding.

The app aims to be a key pillar supporting the mass adoption of blockchain. Pauly points out that, to a degree, we’ve all failed blockchain by not making the development of blockchain-interacting apps as easy as possible. Expecting businesses to change their behavior to accommodate blockchain technology is doomed. What’s needed is someone to facilitate that foundational first step—something Pauly refers to as the ‘footbridge’—and that’s what AlphaDAPP hopes to be.

Justin Pauly presentation slide 2

The presentation was oriented around the example of certification management: for example, a licensing institution wanting to take their data set (in this case, details of license holders and their licenses) and have it distributed and accessible so that third parties can instantly verify the authenticity of a license. This wouldn’t be possible unless every party needing to be able to verify a license was in possession of the entire original dataset (despite its contexts being in constant flux) without possessing the original dataset. However, that problem disappears if it is stored on the blockchain. License holders would have digital versions of their license in a wallet, while verifiers need only scan that license to verify if a corresponding record exists on the blockchain.

Licensing is a particularly great example of AlphaDAPP’s offering because educational institutions are typically poorly resourced to make big technological changes and may have little motivation to radically change their behavior.

Enter AlphaDAPP: as the footbridge to the blockchain, the minimum investment required to use the blockchain is as low as ever. Pauly enthusiastically recounted to the crowd the stunned reactions he gets from clients when he and his team can build a working application in a day—a far cry from the 6-8 month waiting period associated with more typical solutions.

Justin Pauly presentation slide

The key to the value proposition of AlphaDAPP is that for businesses wanting to convert their data into distributed, verifiable data sets, the only thing they need to bring is the data set itself. The rest is taken care of by AlphaDAPP—in the relative blink of an eye.

Like Pauly said:

“Getting verifiable data is not new. Getting it done in a day is.”

Watch: Magic Dapp and Alpha Dapp with Justin Pauly of VX Technologies

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