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VX Technologies’ Justin Pauly talks sovereignty via blockchain on CoinGeek Weekly Livestream

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On episode 14 of the CoinGeek Weekly Livestream latest season, host Kurt Wuckert Jr. was joined by Justin Pauly from VX Technologies. Pauly believes in sovereignty through blockchain, and he talked to Wuckert about a wide range of BSV-related topics, including the latest news from his company.

Introducing Pauly and VX Technologies

For those who don’t know, Pauly is the President of VX Technologies, a company focused on making record creation and verification simple using the BSV blockchain.

Pauly tells Wuckert the company has a presence on three continents, with daily work ongoing on all of them. VX Technologies is entirely focused on the utility of blockchain and using it to empower people. He says that often when pitching potential clients, there’s resistance due to the industry’s bad reputation, but once he explains the nature of the immutable blockchain and how it’s cheaper and faster than alternative solutions, most get it and come around.

Talking a bit about the processes VX Technologies uses, Pauly says the company spent 18 months getting to grips with the regulatory environment. Since it’s dealing with data, it uses the standards applied to handling data in the medical industry, such as having no personally identifiable information, as a standard, making everything they do super secure.

Talking about the main tool, VXPass, Pauly confirms that the VX never stood for vaccines, as many thought. This was a misunderstanding during the pandemic; VX means “we verify for x,” he says, pointing out that all data can be verified in the same way as vaccine certificates could. That was simply an example of what the tool could do at the time.

MagicDapp and no code tools for the blockchain

Pauly mentions MagicDaap, a tool designed to help people understand blockchain technology and how it could work for them by interacting with it themselves. He says a new product, AlphaDapp, will be revealed at the London Blockchain Conference. He says this is the “premier level” version and is on another level. These tools are ‘no code’ and make building apps that interact with the blockchain extremely easy.

What are the main differences between MagicDapp and AlphaDapp? They’re pretty close to the same thing, but in AlphaDapp, the VX Technologies team works with you and provides services such as helping build apps. For this reason, Pauly says, if you’re a multinational client, you’re going to be an AlphaDapp client.

Ultimately, VX Technologies wants to make blockchain technology accessible to all, regardless of where or what data they’re dealing with. That’s why they’ve made the tools user-friendly and simple.

What does VX Technologies’ ideal client look like? Pauly says they don’t think about things as verticals but rather problems to be solved. Transparency and data integrity are two key problems this technology can solve. For example, corporate record keeping can be improved, and VX Technologies is currently doing some work related to police reports.

“Blockchain brings trust to a trustless world,” Pauly says, pointing out the tremendous opportunity for openness and accountability without revealing personally identifiable information.

Pauly finishes by acknowledging the VX Technologies team. They make the magic happen, and he spends a few minutes describing in detail what they each contribute.

Viewer questions and answers

Q. Does the tool allow users to sort through docs so if they need to find something at a later date, it’s easily searchable?

You can see what data sets you have published inside the application, Pauly answers.

Q. When you say no coding, what does it look like?

You take your data sets and drag and drop them to a date. There are also information fields to enter data.

“If you can talk to yourself, you can build an application on MagicDapp,” he says.

It’s literally drag and drop and couldn’t be easier.

Q. Can MagicDaap change the way we verify online schooling and degrees?

Pauly says it absolutely can, and they’re working on it on three continents right now. For example, they’re working with some schools to get semester-by-semester records with the degree coming at the end. He points out that even if the school isn’t there in the future, the information lives on, thanks to the blockchain.

Q. Will VX Technologies help build the apps if users encounter issues?

“Absolutely,” Pauly says. Even if users are building on MagicDapp without full support and collaboration, they can use Telegram, Twitter, etc, to contact the team. They’ll be happy to assist with any issues.

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