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Bitfinex goes offline—yet again
Business 30 September 2021

Bitfinex goes offline—yet again

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex went offline on Thursday for over two hours, halting trading on its platform and leaving traders in the dark.

Coinbase app logo on phone
Business 19 January 2023

Coinbase quits Japan after less than two years

The exchange, which opened in Japan less than two years ago, is giving local customers until February 16 to withdraw all assets from platform wallets, including fiat currency.

Reginald Fowler court date set for early 2022
Business 10 August 2021

Reginald Fowler court date set for early 2022

Reginald Fowler stands accused of providing shadow banking services through his firm Crypto Capital among multiple other charges. The firm has links to both iFinex, the parent company of Bitfinex and Tether, and Colombian drug cartels.

Digital art XRP illustration
Editorial 11 August 2023

The XRP judge got the securities law wrong

In the summary judgment, the judge in the Ripple case said that selling XRP tokens to institutional buyers constituted a sale of unregistered securities, but selling XRP tokens to the public did not.