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NFTs, tokenized assets, eSports and more: Watch CoinGeek Zurich Day 2 live

After an action-packed first day at CoinGeek Zurich which focused on the BSV enterprise blockchain and how it’s transforming payments, healthcare, supply chains and more, Day 2 will delve into NFTs, tokenized assets, blockchain law and more. Some of the day’s speakers include Fundstrat’s Tom Lee, Centbee’s Lorien Gamaroff, RelayX’s Jack Liu and more, with Dr. Craig Wright concluding the day with his keynote speech.

Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen resumes his role as the moderator for the day. In the first panel, Nguyen will turn moderator in a session looking at one of the most historic applications of the BSV blockchain—underpinning Tuvalu’s National Digital Ledger. He’ll be joined by George Siosi Samuels, the founder of Honā (and of Tuvaluan heritage) as well as Brendan Lee, of Elas Digital, Simit Naik, of nChain, and Simon Kofe, the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Tuvalu.

Nguyen will keep his role as the moderator in the next two panels. The first will be on e-government and public sector applications of blockchain technology. Lorien Gamaroff, the founder and CEO of Centbee will join Nguyen next on stage to talk blockchain in Africa. Gamaroff has been the trailblazer of BSV in the continent, with Centbee making Bitcoin payments a reality in Africa. Mohammed Jega, the co-founder of Domineum Blockchain Solutions and Dr. Catherine Lephoto, an independent consultant will also join the panel.

A panel on blockchain law and policy will be up next, moderated by Bitcoin Association’s Marcin Zarakowski. Dr. Thomas Dünser, a high-ranking public officer in Liechtenstein in charge of financial innovation will be among the panelists.

The age of tokenization is upon us, with the World Economic Forum predicting that 10% of the global economy will be tokenized by 2027. The next panel will be looking at tokenization on BSV, moderated by Bitcoin Association Southeast Asia Manager Ella Qiang. RelayX founder Jack Liu and Tokenized founder James Belding are set to join Qiang on stage.

Charles Miller will be moderating a panel on one of the most trending areas in the blockchain sector—NFTs. BSV has proven that it’s not limited to payments and data applications, establishing itself as the best blockchain network for NFTs. Michael Hudson, CEO of Bitstocks, and Roy Bernhard, the chief visionary at the Bayesian Group, will be among the panelists.

Becky Liggero will moderate two panels in the afternoon session, one on affiliate marketing and the other on eSports on blockchain.

Thomas Lee, the managing partner at Fundstrat Global Advisors, will deliver a keynote presentation, alongside his colleague David Grider, the lead digital asset strategist at Fundstrat.

Dr. Craig Wright will round off the day with a keynote speech on how Bitcoin will change the future of data and empower everyone.

Watch the CoinGeek Zurich Day 2 live here.

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