Bitcoin’s first .gif NFT

The Pew Pew series is the very first set of Bitcoin NFTs that are .gifs.

Until Hannah Hart–who is better known as Art On Chain–teamed up with RelayX, we had only seen static image NFTs, or in Twetch’s case, unique 3D image NFTs that rotate, but never before have we gotten a .gif NFT that can be bought and sold in the secondary market.

“With the launch of the SFP (Simple Fabriik Protocol), I had issued some tokens,” said Hart, an artist and graphic designer that has helped brand, design, and develop several BSV apps and businesses.

“Jack Liu of RelayX was impressed by the idea behind some of my tokens and declared me as one of the top 5 entrepreneurs in the BSV space. We then got connected and wanted to work together. Jack had the platform, I had design skills and that’s how it came to be.”

In a little less than two months, Hart has played a role in the launch of three .gif NFTs on the RelayX decentralized exchange (REX)–the Pew Pew RelayX release, the Pew Pew Streamanity release, and the Pew Pew Twetch release–and each sold out in little to no time.

 The Pew Pew series features two individuals, one that is holding a sort of sci-fi weapon and wearing a t-shirt that represents one of the Bitcoin businesses above, and the other in a t-shirt that represents a competitor to that business. After the competitor says a few words, the individual representing the Bitcoin business shoots the competitor with the weapon and kills them. To me, this alludes to how Bitcoin businesses are out to make their competitors obsolete.

“I want people to wonder – “Why would a BSV business kill a non-BSV business? What makes it superior?” Said Hart when she was describing what she wants the audience to take away after seeing the NFT.

“To know the answer, one should learn about BitcoinSV. And once that happens, they become Bitcoiners.”

I just love pixel art and I wanted to show my support for BSV-based businesses with simple, funny, and memorable artwork,” said Hart, before telling me that the Pew Pew – RelayX is her favorite release so far.

“I did not believe it would sell out. Yet it did and in under 15 mins! I just designed the pixel art. The RelayX team did all the rest. Full credits to Derek Moe, Anatoly, Liam, River, and Jack.”

NFTs before Bitcoin

Before creating art on Bitcoin, Hart explored the NFT ecosystem on ethereum.

“Those artworks [of mine that you saw on OpenSea and Rarible] were actually created as part of another project. The project did not go the way I wanted it to and I had to drop out. I then decided to make money from these artworks and that’s how they ended up on OpenSea and Rarible. It cost me like $25 to mint each artwork and none sold.”

When it comes to NFTs, Bitcoin SV is the best blockchain to mint an NFT. The minting cost on Bitcoin tends to be significantly lower than the cost of minting an NFT on a chain with high transaction fees. The last time I minted an NFT on BSV it cost me $0.72 to mint, which is drastically lower than the $25 fee to mint on Ethereum that Hart has mentioned.

But fortunately, Hart found Bitcoin relatively early and has recently gotten the chance to bring her art to the BSV blockchain as well.

“I got into the crypto space in 2017. I found BitcoinSV during the Hash Wars. Back then, I did not know if Craig was Satoshi nor the technical superiority of BitcoinSV. I bet on Craig and BSV simply because of how the rest of the crypto space treated them at that time.

Craig is like the DJT (Donald J. Trump) of crypto. I came for the money, stayed for his philosophies.

Through BitcoinSV, I’ve had the opportunity to get to know and work with some of the most creative minds in the space.”

What’s next for Hannah Hart?

When I asked Hart what’s next for her, she said,

“Art as always. To connect BSV businesses to people through design.

And when I asked if we can expect her to create more digital art on Bitcoin in the future,

“Yes, totally. A lot more NFTs are coming.”

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