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Italy - Digital asset market
Business 25 June 2024

Italy to increase oversight of digital asset market

The policy, moving Italy further towards the standards laid out by MiCA, also designates Italy's central bank and market watchdog, Consob, as the authorities overseeing digital asset activities.

Stablecoin in a microchip
Business 3 June 2024

State of play in global stablecoin regulation

Most lawmakers now believe that digital assets should be regulated in some form or another, and, as Dr. Michael Huertas suggests, stablecoins appear to be at the top of the agenda.

End the Tetheral Reserve banner with graphics
Editorial 7 May 2024

End the Tetheral Reserve?

If Tether collapses, majority of global liquidity will go with it, and so will a sizable chunk of value held in equity around the blockchain economy.