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Tech 28 May 2024

Gassed-Up tops sCrypt Hackathon 2024 best projects

Gassed-Up, whose project revolves on solving "trust dilemmas" and "trust asymmetries" at gas stations, was named sCrypt Hackathon 2024 winner, while several others made the list of judges' favorites.

sCrypt Hackathon 2024 winners announcement
Tech 27 May 2024

sCrypt Hackathon 2024 winners announced

The projects of the recently held sCrypt Hackathon offer innovative solutions in the blockchain and showcase a diverse array of applications and solutions within the sCrypt ecosystem.

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Editorial 26 March 2024

Build the future with sCrypt

In this new chapter for BSV blockchain, the message is clear: the true measure of the blockchain's value lies not in the past controversies but in the innovations of the present and future.