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Editorial 22 September 2022

Proof-of-stake is proof of misunderstanding

If proof-of-work distributes objective consensus to miners outside of the network, proof-of-stake consolidates power to a subjective, in-network minority.

Ethereum coin with background of digital chart
Business 22 September 2022

Ethereum’s Merge is another epic fail

The Merge was completed on September 15, and ETH reached a recent high of $1,638.56 that day. Since then, it has tanked to $1,340 at the time of writing.

Ethereum Makes The Final Plunge
Editorial 21 September 2022

Ethereum makes the final plunge to proof of stake

"The Merge" not only pumped the price of ETH tokens, as opposed to what was promised, but its switch to a PoS model created a slew of issues, including turning the network into a permissioned ledger.

ETH security
Editorial 19 September 2022

Is ETH a security? If it wasn’t before, it is now

Ethereum is both a security and tyranny, as staking coins via a third party remains, and the wealthiest holders combining forces to ensure total domination of the system, the article argues.