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Business 12 April 2023

A better Internet with IPv6 and Bitcoin

The internet has changed over time, and while humanity made striking progress in this area, there's still so much yet to explore, including the integration of Bitcoin and IPv6.

Blockchain technology with dark background
Business 29 March 2023

Improving trust with blockchain

As technology evolves, so does the need of the public to have a system that can securely and privately record their transactions, and only a massively scalable public blockchain can offer that.

Nigerian flag colors and BSV Blockchain logo
Press Releases 28 July 2022

BSV Blockchain introduced to Nigeria with real use case technology

The Blockchain Developer Summit in Nigeria's capital Abuja was a great success. With more than 1500 participants, the event created a big stage for BSV Blockchain among developers, established companies and key figures in the country's economic policy and development.

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Press Releases 20 April 2021

New Function: Asset Trading Has Been Online on the “Cards” of DotWallet

DotWallet has ushered in a major upgrade after the launch of Badge! That is to say, the functions of "Cards" and "Trading Assets" are officially available to the public. It allows the ordering party to customize their orders and publish "buy/sell orders" to the trading market.

DEX decentralized exchange in different cities with world map on blue background
Editorial 26 March 2021

DEX on Bitcoin = P2P Exchange

The question that arises is who becomes responsible if two parties fill orders between each other in this way without a so-called ‘Decentralized Exchange’?