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Kurt Wuckert Jr on WhatsMiner
Tech 23 August 2023

The next evolution of WhatsMiner

In the world of Bitcoin mining, efficiency isn't the only metric that matters, which WhatsMiner seeks to prove as it competes with Bitmain's Antminer series that has long dominated the industry.

Tech 13 April 2021

Bitmain sues rival MicroBT for second time

Bitmain originally sued MicroBT and its CEO Yang Zuoxing in 2017 for infringing a patent that Bitmain was awarded for its technology used in designing an ASIC for Bitcoin mining.

Tech 18 January 2021

Miner maker MicroBT rumored to be close to IPO

The Chinese block reward miner manufacturer is preparing for an imminent initial public offering (IPO) that could see the firm debut on the Nasdaq over the coming weeks, according to reports.

Tech 21 December 2019

Whatsminer’s popularity is rising

Although Bitmain has long been recognized as the number one hardware supplier, MicroBT’s Whatsminer series has risen in popularity for ASIC miners.