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Tech 14 December 2022

ZK Proof of Reserves

Proof of Reserves proves that clients' funds are in safe hands, and while it is not a 100% guarantee that the funds won't disappear in an instant, it assures investors that their money is still there.

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Tech 19 October 2022

Merkle Tree and Bitcoin

Bitcoin users commonly do not realize that Merkle Tree, in the context of Bitcoin, is an inherent part of Simplified Payment Verification (SPV).

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Tech 7 April 2022

Security, the blockchain, and hashed headers…

Bitcoin uses a binary tree structure to collapse a huge set of transactions into an easily searchable path, which is only necessary when millions or billions of transactions are included in a block.

BSV Academy Merkle Trees
Press Releases 14 March 2022

BSV Academy launches free Merkle trees course

BSV Academy's Bitcoin Primitives: Merkle Trees course is now available free of charge to anyone interested in learning about Bitcoin's fundamental principles.