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Editorial 3 May 2024

What the BSV blockchain is good for

Forbes may have named BSV as one of the "good-for-nothing" blockchains in the market, but developments on the blockchain network over the years prove otherwise.

Speakers at the Enterprise Utility Blockchain Summit 2022 in Bengaluru
Business 5 October 2023

Blockchain puts India on the fast track to decentralization

The two-day Enterprise Utility Blockchain Summit in Bengaluru was attended by policymakers and startup companies in India, as well as operators and developers from the BSV blockchain ecosystem, all discussing how a scalable, secure, and low transaction fee blockchain revolutionizes peer-to-peer connectivity.

Dr. Agata Slater on CoinGeek Conversation
Interviews 7 September 2023

IBM’s Dr. Agata Slater take on BSV blockchain

In this week’s episode of CoinGeek Conversations, Dr. Agata Slater talks about her role as a blockchain specialist, IBM's approach to blockchain and the implications for Web3 technology.