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Business 1 April 2019

US SEC delays decision on crypto ETFs

Despite having almost a year to determine whether crypto exchange-traded funds should be allowed, the U.S. SEC still can’t make up its mind.

Business 7 February 2019

Abra adds stock, ETF support to its crypto exchange app

The exchange and wallet provider has announced that it is adding access to collateralized equities, giving its customers in 155 countries the ability to trade in a number of U.S. stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETF) and commodities.

Business 14 January 2019

Japan FSA denies ETF claims, but could accept more exchanges

Japan may not accept a crypto ETF after all, as the country’s Financial Services Authority is not considering approving a crypto futures product. It could, however, soon allow more crypto exchanges to operate in the country.

Business 8 January 2019

US trails Europe, Asia in crypto ETFs

The fears of many in the U.S. crypto community that the country would take a back seat in cryptocurrency innovation seem to have been valid.