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Bitcoin Merkle Tree illustration
Tech 5 March 2024

Is Bitcoin’s Merkle tree a binary search tree?

While BTC developers argue that the Merkle Tree is not a binary search tree, Dr. Craig Wright reiterated that it is, noting that it's structured to perform various functions and goals in a binary function.

Satoshi trial with law and justice concept
Editorial 1 March 2024

Sights and sounds of the Satoshi Trial (COPA v Wright)

As the fourth week of the COPA v Wright trial draws to a close, the court heard the final testimony and cross-examination of witnesses; next week, the court will rest before closing arguments on March 15.

Adam Black on CG
Editorial 29 February 2024

Adam Back was wrong—Blockchains do scale

Blockstream CEO Adam Back was a witness to the COPA v Wright trial last week, and on the stand, he made several statements, likening changing the rules of Bitcoin to changing the rules of chess.

Experts Agree banner by Kurt Wuckert Jr.
Editorial 27 February 2024

Experts agree

From the catastrophic miscalculations of Chernobyl to the economic meltdown of 2008, and a few goodies in between, the lesson is clear: sometimes, the experts get it spectacularly wrong.

Teranode block
Press Releases 22 February 2024

BSV Association begins technical testing of Teranode

The BSV Blockchain Association announced the technical testing on Teranode, the blockchain upgrade that will allow the BSV Blockchain to operate at upwards of 1.1 million transactions per second.