Global digital art trading platform

The first global professional blockchain digital products trading platform “ForeverRealm” is officially launched!

Following the BaaS service platform and the DotWallet for Developers platform, Boquan Hash launches another innovative blockchain application – “ForeverRealm”! It uses blockchain technology to empower the cultural industry and solves the pain points of its development. Aiming to build a fair and transparent cultural industry ecosystem that encourages the creation of original and high-quality content, ForeverRealm can promote the development of the cultural industry.

Owned by Boquan Hash, ForeverRealm is an in-house developed digital products trading platform powered by the blockchain technology. It is firmly committed to the landing of digital products business in compliance with the law. Users can enjoy, buy, create, sell, and manage all kinds of digital products on the platform. It brings out the value of physical commodities and digital products, and encourages creators to create more and more brilliant works with original content. In this way, they can turn their unique taste and insight into rich rewards.

PGC digital products platform

On ForeverRealm, creators can quickly create original blockchain products in the cultural field free of charge. Whether it is paintings, music or handicrafts, they can be uploaded to ForeverRealm to be minted into NFT digital products, which can be traded and transferred to increase the liquidity and industrial value of cultural products.

ForeverRealm attaches great importance to good quality content and adopts PGC mode in content marketing. It moderately controls the entry barriers. Creators need to be verified and the contents they create need to be reviewed first before publishing. In the meantime, the platform provides 24/7 customer service to assist the creators to get started quickly.

For first-rate creators, the platform has also established a recommendation mechanism to give more exposure and traffic to their works with high-quality content, which forms a good creative atmosphere within the platform.


Cool design meets modern aesthetics

As an innovative product in the digital economy era, the UI design of ForeverRealm meets modern aesthetics, for it is cool, stylish, and trendy.

By introducing black as the background color, the App looks more modern. At the same time, it also adopts a borderless design that adapts to full-screen mobile phones, making the appearance lighter and smoother.

In terms of product display, it adopts a 3D reversible frame so that the picture can be rotated freely left and right 360 degrees, which looks more straightforward, clear, comprehensive, and attractive.

Forever realm on mobile

Badge protocol new upgrade

Boquan Hash’s in-house developed Badge protocol is upgraded again to support NFT solution! Powered by the new Badge protocol, ForeverRealm has both the NFT characteristics and the advantages of the BSV public blockchain. Meanwhile, the innovative atomic swaps technology can better protect the rights and interests of both parties to the transaction.

On chain proof on mobile

Innovative “atomic swaps” technology

Powered by the “atomic swaps” technology in the Badge protocol, ForeverRealm has established a direct peer-to-peer contact between the two parties to the transaction. Buyers can directly get digital products after payment, without waiting for the creator to make the delivery. While the creators can also instantly receive the corresponding profits. In consequence, the rights of both creators and buyers are effectively protected.

Built on the BSV public blockchain

NFT is a non-fungible token powered by blockchain encryption technology. As it is rare, indivisible, unique, and immutable, it can ensure that every cultural product is unique and irreplicable. This guarantees that the digital products on ForeverRealm are authentic during their entire life cycle when they are created, purchased, collected, and used. Therefore, the market value of digital cultural products can also be ensured.

Since it is build on the BSV public blockchain, ForeverRealm boasts two advantages. One is the low miner fee, which is less than 0.01 dollars for each transaction. Compared with its competitors built on other blockchains that require at least tens of dollars, ForeverRealm has an edge in this aspect. The other one is the decentralized verification. The recipient can independently verify the legality and amount of the transaction without the help of the platform or any third-party agency.

No matter you are a professional or an amateur;

No matter you are a painter, a photographer, or a craftsman…

Our brand new digital products service platform is here for you!

Every new user can create one NFT item free of charge!

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