Latest distributed ledger technology News

Tech 27 September 2018

DLT, AI task force chief calls for tokenized Kenyan economy

Kenya may likely be moving towards tokenizing its economy to solve the alarming rate of corruption and unemployment in the country, following suggestions made by Bitange Ndemo, chairman of Kenya's Distributed Ledgers and Artificial Intelligence task force.

Tech 21 September 2018

IBM files patent for blockchain-based drone fleet security

Tech giant IBM is seeking to patent a system that will utilize distributed ledger technology (DLT) to address security and privacy concerns following the increasing popularity and usage of drones—both commercially and for recreational purposes

Tech 20 August 2018

UPS turns to blockchain to streamline logistics

USP applied for a patent in February for a blockchain and distributed ledged technology (DLT)-based system that will route packages, possibly using multiple carriers, across an international supply chain.