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Press Releases 14 June 2021

Stronger Together! DotWallet is the First to Fully Support sCrypt Smart Contracts

Following the Badge service, the platform “DotWallet for Developers”and sCrypt are working together again! It is aimed to enable developers to build Dapps based on sCrypt easily and make interactions with DotWallet available for them through the new API , lightening the load for developers so that they can build superior Dapps.

Baidu launches its Xuperchain blockchain project
Tech 18 January 2020

Baidu enters blockchain fray

Baidu has launched Xuperchain, a blockchain platform that seeks to make the development and deployment of blockchain projects in Asia fast and cost-effective.

ICOs continue their fall from grace
Business 10 December 2018

ICOs continue their fall from grace

A glimpse of advice for investors to consider seriously any investment of a project that does not offer a working product or long-term vision.