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Interviews 7 February 2019

Jack Liu: Bitcoin will create a digital Renaissance

Listen to Jack Liu on the latest CoinGeek Conversation podcast for more about why Jack moved from the conventional finance industry to crypto and his vision for the Bitcoin future.

Interviews 31 January 2019

Kristy-Leigh Minehan: Bringing blockchain to big business

Listen to the latest CoinGeek Conversations podcast with Kristy-Leigh Minehan Chief Technical Officer of Core Scientific, on why she believes that cryptocurrency and blockchain are going to be widely adopted.

Interviews 26 November 2018

Crypto is the road to economic freedom

As the crypto economy develops, there are opportunities for entrepreneurs to provide services at all stages of the business process. Daniel Lipshitz, an Israeli startup founder, spotted a niche and has built a company around it.

Interviews 22 November 2018

CoinGeek podcast: How I’m building the Internet for commerce

As the Internet is for information, so blockchain will be for commerce. That’s the vision of James Belding, whose smart contract protocol, recently won a £5 million CoinGeek competition, and who is featured in the first of a new CoinGeek podcast series.