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Business 2 February 2024

Ripple hack: What really happened?

Ripple's Chris Larsen shared on X that his personal wallets had been hacked and funds had been stolen, saying that Ripple accounts were not compromised and that exchanges had frozen affected addresses.

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Business 11 August 2023

SEC to appeal XRP ruling in Ripple case

The U.S. securities regulator will file an "interlocutory appeal" of a ruling in its case against Ripple Labs related to the programmatic sales of XRP.

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Business 1 April 2022

BTC v Ripple in proof-of-climate-change dust-up

The co-founder of ‘crypto’ token/commodity Ripple wants BTC to shift to a Proof of Stake consensus mechanism, apparently because he believes the hobbled BTC tech is still not hobbled enough.