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Business 16 February 2024

Bitcoin: History, potential, and future

Bitcoin—embodied as BSV blockchain—has become akin to the fundamental blocks of the evolving digital era as it embodies infrastructure, a staging ground for many possibilities.

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Tech 12 February 2024

The journey to scaling Bitcoin

In this article, Dr. Craig Wright recounts his "iDaemon" project in 2012, elaborating on the design and architectural blueprint of a complex software system that allows Bitcoin to scale.

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Events 12 January 2024

The first Bitcoin transaction: 15 years later

Fifteen years ago, the first Bitcoin transaction was recorded on chain, opening the world to the endless possibilities of an electronic peer-to-peer cash system that Satoshi Nakamoto has designed.

Kurt Wuckert Jr on Bitcoin halving math
Business 8 November 2023

The Bitcoin halving math

As Bitcoin approaches its fourth block reward halving, where miners will receive a 3.125 bitcoin reward per block, discussions are heating up around the economic sustainability of both BTC and the BSV blockchain.

Arc to Bitcoin
Tech 11 September 2023

ARC to Bitcoin!

ARC acts as a bridge to the Bitcoin network, allowing API access maintained by the commercial nodes (miners) of BSV blockchain, but instead of being connected to one node, it connects to several nodes at once.