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Tech 13 February 2024

BSV vs BTC smart contracts

sCrypt's Xiaohui Liu compares the fundamentals of smart contracts between BSV and BTC and how these affect the realization of developing and implementing use cases.

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Editorial 17 May 2023

BRC-20 and Bitcoin NFTs—A new era for Bitcoin?

Thanks to the smart folks who created the Ordinals, the BTC network exploded with activity recently, but sadly the network performance slowed to a halt, forcing even Binance to halt withdrawals.

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Business 16 March 2023

BTC is not Bitcoin: Why that matters to the SEC

When Gary Gensler says that Bitcoin is not a security or refers to its unique history, what he is referring to is the legal character of Bitcoin as it existed in 2009 and continues to exist in 2023 as BSV.

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Business 23 February 2023

BTC Core maintainer Marco Falke resigns

Falke joins other BTC Core code devs who announced they would resign from their commit-access roles in the past two years, which include Wladimir van der Laan, Samuel Dobson, and John Newbery.

Kurt Wackert Jr., Ordinals
Editorial 6 February 2023

Inordinate Ordinals for ordinary Bitcoiners

Twetch came out with a bunch of tooling within 48 hours of the public explosion of Ordinals NFTs and launched a mint of 69 “Planetary Ordinals” to kick off the party.

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Editorial 29 December 2022

Understanding Bitcoin energy consumption

Proof of Work gives a trustless model for resilience and security, including identifying assets and preventing fraud and risk, protecting critical infrastructure, detecting activities on a network, and more.

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Business 27 December 2022

The major force that drives the price of Bitcoin

BSV is ready to serve individuals, businesses, countries, and the entire world by using it as an electronic cash system capable of sending millions of payments worldwide.