Latest Bitcoin ABC News

Editorial 8 December 2018

Exchanges need to delist ABC Coin immediately!

In light of the mess made of the November 15 Bitcoin Cash upgrade and the billions of dollars knocked out of the overall cryptomarket as a result of Bitcoin ABC's reckless behaviour, we're asking cryptocurrency exchanges to delist Bitcoin ABC until they implement replay protections on their chain.

Editorial 23 November 2018

Original Bitcoin will live on as Bitcoin SV (BSV)

From where CoinGeek sits right now, us permanently splitting the chains by ABC enacting replay protection will give both sides a WIN. Bitcoin will live on with Bitcoin SV and will finally have a chance to show off the true power of the original economic model.

Editorial 20 November 2018

Exchanges selling BCHABC could be conducting fraud

After last week's Bitcoin BCH hard fork, two cryptocurrencies were launched – BCHABC and BCHSV. There's one that has potential to be considered a fraudulent pump-and-dump scheme.