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Golden coins and red arrow down
Tech 18 November 2022

ASIC firm Canaan’s Q3 income plummets 90%

Canaan’s Q3 revenue dropped by 41% while gross profit dipped by 75%, but the company says it will continue to scale its R&D projects and mining operations.

NFT nonfungible tokens concept on gold and black
Business 8 November 2022

Tokenized ASICs—it makes sense on BSV

Instead of the cumbersome task of placing orders, dealing with shipping addresses, various payment methods and logistical lead times, implement the transfer of ownership of already online ASICs with BSV via NFTs.

Mine Crypto Pro
Events 29 July 2022

I crashed Mining Disrupt 2022

Hashing for subsidies has been extremely profitable, and the continual arms race in hashing has led to levels of efficiency that were frankly unfathomable to the Bitcoin economy just a decade ago.

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency mining on Circuit Board Blockchain
Tech 6 April 2022

Economic implications of big block Bitcoin

The current innovation of ASIC miners to make hashing as powerful as possible while efficient as possible is not accounting for a scenario of fee income rising.

ASIC Miners
Tech 27 May 2021

TAAL reveals expansion of hardware fleet

The purchase aligns with TAAL's strategic goals to increase its transaction processing capacity to meet the demands of enterprise customers adopting blockchain technology.

Tech 13 April 2021

Bitmain sues rival MicroBT for second time

Bitmain originally sued MicroBT and its CEO Yang Zuoxing in 2017 for infringing a patent that Bitmain was awarded for its technology used in designing an ASIC for Bitcoin mining.