nChain’s Jimmy Nguyen: ‘There’s finally a stable Bitcoin protocol that just wants to scale’

nChain’s Jimmy Nguyen: ‘There’s finally a stable Bitcoin protocol that just wants to scale’

CoinGeek’s Becky Liggero chatted with nChain’s Jimmy Nguyen on the sidelines of the CoinGeek Week conference, where they discussed his—and the community’s—excitement for the future of Bitcoin SV.

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In his opening remarks at the CoinGeek Week conference, nChain CEO Jimmy Nguyen declared, “It’s time for Bitcoin to grow up.”

The three-day conference, with a special, invitation-only Miners Day event, was held in London several weeks after November 15 network upgrade that led to a hard fork, from which Bitcoin SV emerged.

“Obviously, Bitcoin SV’s journey has just begun,” he said. “So this [conference] came at a critical time. It brought people together. I think it made people feel very confident in the future of Bitcoin SV. I think that was important, and we didn’t quite plan it the way this happened. It just happened to come after the network upgrade, and the hash war period decided to be ended by CoinGeek. But I think it gave people a sense of hope, inspiration, a rededication to the belief in what Bitcoin’s core principles and designs are. That was really good to see.”

Apart from being able to showcase what made Bitcoin SV the true Bitcoin, the conference also allowed for networking among participants. Nguyen explained, “It also allowed companies and people to get together and find out who’s working on Bitcoin SV. A number of companies declared here that they would run or support SV. It allowed people to make connections about how they can work together on projects or ventures. So that was really good in that it will be critical to our growth and our path to the ultimate Satoshi vision.”

After all the preparations for the conference and with things winding down, Nguyen was able to muse on the experience. “I learned a lot. I learned that people, particularly companies with businesses on the Bitcoin network, just want a stable protocol. They also want it to scale, we’ve heard that from a number of speakers. They want development of more tools to make it easier to develop projects and applications on the Bitcoin SV blockchain. And I also saw a lot of enthusiasm for just keeping things simple, restoring the original Bitcoin design, keep it stable, and just let people build on that,” he said.

With much having been said from both sides of the chain split, “There was I think a sense of relief,” according to Nguyen. “There’s finally a stable Bitcoin protocol that just wants to scale. I think people are happy about the fact that we won’t be having disagreements anymore and fights between developer groups about what changes should come to the protocol. That’s a huge sense of relief for a lot of people.”

As great as it was to be a part of the event, for which Nguyen acted as master of ceremonies, there was now a need to look at what could be done moving forward. “It’s always hard to capture lightning in a bottle and keep it that way. There’s a variety of things we can do. Obviously, we’re going to stay in communication with a lot of the companies. I’m already thinking about, with our development team for Bitcoin SV creating some working groups among some of these companies with common interests so that they can collaborate together on things that help each other.”

He also called on those interested to be a part of the bComm Association, which he is founding president of, and “designed to bring all of the different members of the ecosystem together—miners, application developers, exchanges, big businesses, all kinds of different ventures in the Bitcoin space,” he said. “Bring them together to discuss these very issues about how we create a world of bCommerce. So I encourage everyone out there, join the bComm Association. You can come to great events like the CoinGeek conferences, as well as many other things we’ll start rolling out over the next year.”

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