HandCash’s Alex Agut: With Bitcoin SV, we have that stability we can rely on

The events that transpired during the Bitcoin Cash network upgrade last November 15 have affected a lot of projects, including HandCash. Alex Agut, co-founder of the HandCash app, recalled how the November 15 hash war—fought with miners voting between the Bitcoin SV and ABC implementations—caused delays in development time for the company.

“Basically, it delayed the whole company [for] like one month in development time because we had to, you know, we wanted to implement this unified coin thing, we wanted to make sure that all users were attended [to]… We tried to release new updates, fixing things. We had to build our own APIs for things that were falling apart,” Agut told CoinGeek.

It was a mess, to say the least. But that is over and done with, and projects like HandCash are now focused on “building and creating value for the world”—with the original Bitcoin, now in the form of Bitcoin SV.

“With Bitcoin SV, we have that stability that we can rely on,” Agut pointed out. “We don’t know what the other [ABC] guys are going to do, you know, everyday there is a new update and they change the rules of the game and they don’t play nice, they just want to retain the ticker and all that stuff, and it’s fine for them, but don’t count on us going long-term with that plan. As a business, we don’t feel ourselves safe in that network.”

At the recently held CoinGeek Week Conference in London, the HandCash team announced that it is bringing an iOS version of its wallet to market, while plans to also offer HandCash for Apple Watch is set to happen in the spring of 2019. The developers also discussed CashPort, the system that allows apps and games to connect to HandCash in order to allow users to make micropayments.

“HandCash is the Bitcoin wallet you can recommend. Our focus has always been on ease of use and making a very friendly UI that people already know how to use without any instructions,” Agut said.

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