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Meta combining AI with metaverse to create ‘experiences not even possible today’

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Meta (NASDAQ: META) is looking for a new executive to lead its integration of generative AI (AGI) with emerging technologies, the key among them being the metaverse.

Three years ago, Mark Zuckerberg was solely focused on the metaverse. He even changed the name of his trillion-dollar company from Facebook to Meta. Then came AI, and Zuckerberg is going big on the new technology—this year, Meta will spend up to $40 billion, with AI handling up a sizeable chunk.

According to a new job post, Zuckerberg is bringing together the two technologies “to create new experiences that are not even possible to exist today.”

The successful applicant will work with the company’s metaverse content team and lead an AGI strategy for its games. Emphasis will be on Horizon, Meta’s mixed-reality gaming world, which has product support across its virtual and augmented reality platforms. In the future, the AGI products could expand to cover mobile and PC platforms.

Initially, the new role will be housed under Reality Labs, Meta’s metaverse division. Reality has been a money pit since its launch—in the first quarter of this year, it lost $3.85 billion, bringing its total losses since the end of 2020 to a staggering $45 billion.

By integrating AI, Zuckerberg believes he can “dramatically improve workflow and time-to-market” for content creators.

However, ultimately, his grand vision is to create new experiences and games that are “non-deterministic, personalized, and change every time you play them. This is a nascent area but has the potential to create new experiences that are not even possible to exist today.”

The successful applicant will be entitled to an annual pay of at least $347,000, plus bonuses, benefits and equity.

It’s not the first time Meta has laid out a vision for AI integration into its metaverse world. In a blog post last year, CTO Andrew Bosworth stated that AI tools would boost individual content creation “just like Instagram helped anyone to be a creator.”

“They’ll also act as a force multiplier for developers, giving small teams the horsepower of larger studios and accelerating innovation across the board.”

Meanwhile, the company’s struggle with regulators over data access continues. The latest blow is in Brazil, where the country’s data protection agency has banned Meta from using Brazilians’ data to train its algorithms. This follows a similar ruling by European Union authorities that denied the company access to the data of 450 million residents.

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