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Matt Dickson on CoinGeek Backstage: How BitBoss and nChain enable cashless gambling

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At the ICE London 2023, CoinGeek’s Becky Liggero had a chance to check out the massive event with a focus on emerging technologies like the blockchain, IPv6, and B2B solutions within the gambling industry.

ICE London 2023 gathered a record of 40,000 attendees at ExCel London, and among those was Matt Dickson, the CEO and co-founder of BitBoss, a gaming company headquartered in Denver that provides a cashless ecosystem in the gambling space.

Dickson joined Liggero at the Consumer Protection Zone for CoinGeek Backstage, where they talked about BitBoss, their partnership with nChain, why they decided to push through with the partnership, and more.

What does BitBoss do? Dickson said his company provides a cashless solution package for casinos consisting of hardware, software, and Know Your Customer for banks. The company is a partner of enterprise-grade blockchain firm nChain, which helps BitBoss with its banking system through the Kensei platform.

“[nChain] help us with our banking system, so our bank allows us to keep their ledger for them. The velocity of money is so high in casinos, [and] we’re constantly moving balances back and forth. Blockchain technology is really the key way to do that, and nChain is powering that technology for us,” Dickson explained.

Kensei is a data integrity platform that provides enterprises with unbounded benefits of blockchain technology by simplifying its integration into their customer’s businesses and data management processes.

Apart from offering products like Kensei to the blockchain world, nChain is also leading globally with its intellectual property portfolio. And Dickson shared that in October 2022, nChain had aided them with a number of blockchain patents—2,800 to be exact—giving BitBoss a defensible foundation in the space.

All of this is just the start of the two firms’ partnership, as nChain will also assist BitBoss in expanding its root to the European gaming space.

“So nChain has some very deep roots into the European gaming sector, and they also have access to capital for us. So we’re here to discuss our European expansion,” Dickson said.

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