Joshua Henslee on why he quit a 6-figure job

Joshua Henslee on why he quit a 6-figure job to go full-time on Bitcoin SV

Joshua Henslee has been releasing a lot of great Bitcoin SV content recently. This week, he told viewers why he quit his high-paying tech job to pursue Bitcoin SV full time.

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Henslee’s previous career

Henslee opens this video by describing how he had a high-paying tech job where he’d travel to clients to oversee tech implementations. He specialized in credit card implementation. He was paid six figures, enjoyed his work, and got along well with his colleagues. He considered many of them long-term friends.

So, if Henslee had it so great, why did he quit to pursue Bitcoin SV development full time? “I was obsessed with the Bitcoin technology,” he explains. He says that Bitcoin seemed like a natural answer to many of the pitfalls of credit cards.

After exploring with some altcoins, Henslee decided that the answer was to scale Bitcoin. He was first interested in BCH and then shifted to Bitcoin SV for its superior scaling abilities.

Henslee describes how in 2018, he stopped playing video games and other hobbies to learn Javascript so that he could contribute to the space. He felt he had a responsibility to share as much information and learn as many skills as possible.

Quitting his job to go full-time on Bitcoin SV

Henslee describes how he began thinking about pursuing Bitcoin SV full-time. He’d already begun to tire of the travel associated with his career. After attending a CoinGeek conference in Seoul, he had an epiphany that going full-time into Bitcoin SV was what he wanted to do. After receiving thanks from some BSVers for some of his tutorials, he realized he could have a more significant positive influence in the space.

Henslee acknowledges that it was difficult to transition from making lots of money in a stable job to having basically no income. However, he doesn’t regret it. He says that he has learned so much about Bitcoin and Javascript despite the Bitcoin SV price tanking.

Why Bitcoin SV?

Henslee knows that lots of people might ask why he chose Bitcoin SV. He says that he had already played around with many other altcoins and knew they wouldn’t cut it. He knew that BTC and Ethereum both failed when put under pressure, so he chose Bitcoin SV as it has the best chance of scaling.

Other than the scalability, Henslee says that, much like SLictionary founder John “Jack” Pitts, he sees this as analogous to the early stages of the internet, and he doesn’t want to miss the wave. Like then, people who truly believe in Bitcoin SV are made fun of, but those who believed in the internet turned out to be right, and Henslee acknowledges he and others who believe in Bitcoin SV will also be right.

Despite all the negativity today, Henslee remains incredibly bullish on Bitcoin SV. He still believes in Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision of a peer-to-peer electronic cash system. He believes that this technology will take over in much the same way as the internet did. Whereas now it seems crazy, he thinks it will look obvious somewhere down the road.

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