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‘How I know Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto’: Bitcoin Expert Joshua Henslee

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Bitcoin developer Ryan X. Charles was the first to give his account of why he believes that Dr. Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto. Others have gone on to share their beliefs on the matter, with some even sharing their personal encounters with Dr. Wright. The latest is Bitcoin expert Joshua Henslee, who detailed in a YouTube video why he believes Dr. Wright is the Bitcoin creator and why there is a huge faction bent on spreading the false narrative that he is a fraud.

Henslee credited Ryan with starting what’s turning out to be a trend in which Bitcoin enthusiasts and developers share their “Craig is Satoshi” stories. A week ago, Britevue founder Connor Murray delved into it, basing his narrative on the concept of identity and why it’s not established by a single event, such as signing with Satoshi’s keys. We even saw Wall Street technologist Jerry Chan record a video attesting publicly that Craig Wright is Satoshi.

“I’m going to piggyback off of Ryan and Murray who did videos with the same title, and perhaps this is going to start a trend,” Henslee begins.

Craig Wright’s unparalleled knowledge of Bitcoin

As the person who created Bitcoin, you’d expect Dr. Wright to know about all its facets. And as with any person who has met or paid close attention to him, Henslee acknowledges that no one else globally understands Bitcoin more than Dr. Wright.

The Australian-born scientist not only understands how Bitcoin works, but he also fully comprehends the aspects that are yet to be implemented and why they were included in the Bitcoin white paper.

“His specific knowledge about Bitcoin and what it was supposed to do is unparalleled. And there’s not even a close second, third or fourth [in their comprehension of Bitcoin]. Someone needs to find somebody who’s second to him in terms of all the unique novel things he said about the capabilities [of Bitcoin],” Henslee outlines.

While it would be impossible to list all the technical aspects of Bitcoin that Dr. Wright has been first to reveal as they are quite a few, Henslee delved into a few.

They include all the opcodes “because Core [the BTC faction] disabled most of them, but we have many of them re-enabled. When asked, he’s able to provide valid reasons of why they are there.”

Dr. Wright also differed with Core developers on transaction malleability, staying true to the Bitcoin white paper. He believes in the ability to change the solution to the Script before its broadcast to the ledger, such that you don’t invalidate the whole transaction.

On one of the most contentious issues—scalability—Dr. Wright has stayed true to the Bitcoin white paper, which places no scalability ceiling on the network.

This scalability debate—specifically the false belief that Bitcoin can’t scale—is what the entire digital currency space is predicated on, Henslee observes. Projects like Ethereum, which is worth over $500 billion, would never have developed to be such behemoths if Bitcoin’s scalability wasn’t artificially stifled. It’s, therefore, very easy to understand why Craig is a danger to an altcoin movement built on a lie that’s now worth over a trillion dollars.

Why the hate towards Dr. Wright?

Ever since he was outed as the mysterious Bitcoin creator, and owned up to it, Dr. Wright has faced a level of antagonism, hatred, and opposition reserved for monsters who commit crimes against humanity. He has been called a fraud, a scammer, a liar, and everything in between, with Bitcoin SV, which he supports, being labeled a massive scam (despite all its fundamentals being country miles ahead of any other rival).

Henslee noted that one of the biggest ironies in the Dr. Wright hate is that most who criticize him are intellectually not at par with him. The attacks “are purely based off people criticizing him who do not have the same knowledge as him. It’s very ironic that the people calling him a charlatan are in areas where he’s just superior in,” Henslee said.

Dr. Wright has always championed an economic solution to security rather than a technical one. This is clear in Bitcoin’s proof of work consensus mechanism.

“The solution to the Byzantine’s Generals Problem is not a technical one, it’s an economic one,” Henslee observes. Satoshi had a very advanced understanding of economic and technical nuances, “which is why he was able to novelly solve the double spending problem.”

It doesn’t help that Dr. Wright has taken an approach in which he lets Bitcoin developers understand the challenges it faces and formulate solutions themselves. Henslee quoted TAAL Distributed Information Technologies Inc. (CSE:TAAL | FWB:9SQ1 | OTC: TAALF) CEO Stefan Matthews, who, in a conversation over a decade ago, Dr. Wright said, “If I come out and tell them, they are not going to learn anything.”

“I think it’s quite probable that the only reason people call Craig a fraud is because he is Satoshi.”

Matthews has known Dr. Wright for years and has attested in several video interviews that Craig gave him a copy of the Bitcoin White Paper before it was published in October 2008. You can see all three of the videos he made about this topic in 2021 including most recently on the Crypto Bitz podcast on November 20th as well as previously to Kurt Wuckert Jr. on June 23rd 2021 and to Michael Hudson on June 18th.

When I met Craig Wright

Henslee ended his video by narrating a time when he met Satoshi Nakamoto. In May 2019, just before CoinGeek Toronto conference, Henslee was in a meeting to discuss how to deploy electronic data interchange (EDI) on the blockchain. At the time, there was great concern about displaying private information on an immutable public ledger like Bitcoin.

Dr. Wright was in the meeting as well. However, as Henslee narrates, he seemed to be on his phone the entire time, which Henslee assumed was on social media.

To his surprise, at the end of the meeting, Dr. Wright walked up to him with a sheet of paper on which he had drawn several diagrams relating to the very issue they had been discussing the entire meeting.

“…he walked me through how you can do different encryption schemes on different pieces of data such that all the participants know what’s happening in the orders, but yet it’s completely private to any third party who wasn’t involved in that transaction. […] He probably added more value at the very end than the entire meeting did.”

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