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‘Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto’: Wall Street technologist Jerry Chan

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The ongoing “trial of the century” between Ira Kleiman and Dr. Craig Wright has drawn speculation from people across the globe regarding the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, the author of the Bitcoin white paper. One such personality is Jerry Chan, a technologist in the digital asset space and a former Wall Street technologist at Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. In a recent video, Chan shared details about his meetings and conversations with Dr. Wright and why he is convinced that Dr. Wright and Satoshi are the same person.

“I have been in the cryptocurrency world since 2000,” Chan said, “and I have been very involved since 2015. [Back then, I was] quite confused and unsure of the truth. But there was a big story that wasn’t being told. As chance and fate would have it, I now have a pretty good idea about what happened in that story five years forward. I met Dr. Wright at the Future of Bitcoin Conference in 2017 for the first time and he couldn’t stop talking about the technical aspects of Bitcoin.”

“I wasn’t prepared for the firehose of information Dr. Wright was constantly telling. Even though I sometimes wondered why he was saying some of the things, I took mental notes, and it turns out that a lot of things were very convincing, “ Chan said.

“[Dr. Wright] answered some of the most technical questions, like why only 21 million Bitcoin can be mined. His extensive knowledge of mathematics and statistics seemed plausible and the answers he gave to my technical questions are very hard to fake. Therefore, my confidence in him considerably improved after our second meeting.”

The third time Chan and Dr. Wright met was at the London 2018 conference, where Dr. Wright expressed his disappointment about people using payment channels and nSequence the wrong way. “That was the first time I understood what he meant,” Chan said, “because I was working in the line of Bitcoin at that time. I never got a good answer from people who claim to be proponents of Lighting networks; they say decentralization is bad and creates global warming. I don’t think anyone has ever used or implemented nSequencing until very recently in BSV when someone invented a Bitcoin phone. It is a protocol over Bitcoin since you modify transactions increment, the nSequence, and pass it along and you never publish these signed transactions. And it was Dr. Wright who first told me that the notion of having signed transactions, but not published, is valuable.”

Chan was impressed that Dr. Wright was the first to say that offline transactions are valid transactions and that the protocol can’t change. “That made lot of sense,” Chan said.

To Chan, the best evidence to further the claim that Dr. Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto is listening to him speak. “He says things the inventor of Bitcoin would say. I have not gotten this much insight from any of the BTC core developers; however, I have met many, including Adam Back, Peter Todd, Joseph Poon, and Mike Hearn. They all seem intelligent, but none of them had good answers to why 21 million coins. Those pseudo claimants had no good answers,” Chan stated.

Chan recalled his fourth meeting when Dr. Wright spoke about SPV and how nobody understands the Bitcoin white paper. Dr. Wright outlined how SPV, as explained in the Section 8 of the white paper, will resolve problems of instant payments, but complained that no one has implemented a proper SPV.

“Even Mike Hearn never implemented proper SPV,” Chan said.

In summary, Chan said Dr. Wright is Satoshi, and that, “He doesn’t require key signing to prove that he is Satoshi because no one else has shown his level of knowledge.”

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